Anyone else get a crapload of Vista (64) updates today?

I DLed a small update yesterday (for Windows Defender), but booted up the machine today, and Microsoft kindly notified me that I had SIXTEEN updates ready to go. They include

Cumulative Security update for ActiveX Killbits
Cumulative Security update for IE8 (I never use IE8 hence I never DL these-can that be a problem?)
Security update for .NET Framework 3.5
Then a whopping NINE security updates for Vista 64
Junk email filter update (I’m not sure how to use this-maybe it runs in the background automatically, explaining how I often never get emails, usually from sites I try to register for)
Vista 64 update
Malicious software removal tool

So anyone else getting these? They all say “published yesterday”-so why would MS release them all at once like that? Or am I missing something here? :confused:

Still on windows XP here. About the same. Need to remember to update the home computers too.

I think that there’s some internal schedule at microsoft about the second Tuesday of the month, or something like that.

Microsoft traditionally releases updates on the second Tuesday of every month and yesterday, they released more patches than in any previous date.

This has been all over the tech news. 64 bugs in 64 bits. And in XP too.

Windows 7 (64-bit version) user reporting in.

My PC had 25 critical updates to perform this morning. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many.