Anyone else getting a lot of German Spam lately?

Really strange things in my Inbox lately…My Yahoo! account is filling up with German language subject lines that is obviously spam. So is my assistant’s Inbox. I have the upgraded Yahoo! account which generally means I get 1 or 2 spam messages that creep into my Inbox a month…But in the past 3 days I’ve had over 50. Don’t know what to do but keep hitting the SPAM button…


I don’t bother to look at my spam. It goes to the junk folder and I just delete it without looking at it. One of these days I’m going to end up deleting something important.

Any spam that ends up in my inbox is usually from Nigeria.

What is happening here is that the spam is getting around the filters and not going into my junk box. And it is all in German…really weird stuff.


I manage the website for a small gov’t agency, including answering/sorting the website mail. This morning, the mailbox was full of German spam–over 300 pieces of it!–and one or two fresh ones keep popping in at intervals while I’m working.

We need a better spam filter here.

I got three pieces of german spam last night - first time I’ve ever seen anything like it.

Schpam, schpam, schpam, schpam, schpam, schpam, schpam, schpam, schpam, schpam, schpam, schpam, schpam, schpam, schpam, schöne schpam, wundervoll schpam…

I got a whole bunch of it myself. I work at IBM, and their spam filters are usually dynamite. I’m lucky to get one spam a day, usually, and I got at least 20 over the weekend.

Plenty Spam, mit kraut, served up over here.
Verrrry interesting…BUT SCHTUPID!

OK, is anyone suddenly receiving German spam at an email address not associated with the SDMB? (I’m recalling an incident a few years ago when, IIRC, the board was hacked)

This morning I had three spam emails in German. But that is the first time I have noticed german spam.

Haven’t noticed anything in German, but for weeks (or longer) I’ve been getting anywhere from one to ten Russian-looking items a day. They go into my “known spam” or “suspect email” folders so it’s just a matter of deleting them as a group, but if I choose to see the subject line (which I can’t really read as such) and elect to click on the message, as often as not the message includes something that translates to “Windows” in the text. I’ve meant to ask if others are plagued by similar stuff.

Did anybody else ready the title as German Sperm?

Oddly enough, yes, yes we are. We’ve got a top-notch third-party spam filter service and those crafy German spammers managed to sail right past it.

Yes, I am. Tons. It’s all in my work email box, which I don’t use on the SDMB. So far, the account I use with the SDMB has been German-free.

I am getting the German spam to my work email, which is not associated with the SDMB. My SDMB email (yahoo) is not getting any of this spam, not even to my Bulk Mail folder.

It’s the Sober virus again, with right-wing German political spam. Check here.

I figured someone had downloaded a virus when I started receiving e-mails at my “family and friends only” e-mail accounts.

Uh, yeah. Me. I got 38 pieces of German spam at my work address that maybe ten people (business related) in the world know about. However, if any of it hit my yahoo or otherwise web-based accounts, I don’t know, because I haven’t checked any of those yet.

This is the first time in three years I’ve received any form of spam at my work email. Very odd.

Yes. Just noticed them this morning. I had six spams, all in German, structured silmilarly to the random name spams that have been clogging my mailbox. Sender: Random Word Middle Initial Random Word.

Jawohl. My work email got blitzkreiged over the weekend. It’s like waking up the morning after a blizzard, opening your door and having an avalanche fall into your house.

I had 50-60 in my both of work accounts, no relation to the SDMB.