Anyone else have a soft place in their hearts for movies that (practically) have no women in them?

The Edge
Twilight’s Last Gleaming
Stalag 17
Shawshank Redemption
The Thing

to name a few…

I liked * The Caine Mutiny, * in which there were only two women–Ensign Keith ’ s mother and his girlfriend.

  • 12 Angry Men * had no women at all.

The Frisco Kid, Harrison Ford and Gene Wilder, a strange “buddy movie” with a cowboy assisting an orthodox Jew bring the scripture to the new synagogue in San Francisco. A bit weak in spots, but kind of charming.

2001: A Space Odyssey. (Only the best movie ever made…)

Yes, Master and Commander.


The reason I like these kind of movies is they have no shoehorned in love story subplot(assuming they aren’t oozing with homoeroticism lol) because I HATE forced love plots.

I rather enjoyed Sleuth.

Ocean’s 11 is pretty much a sausage fest, except for Julia Roberts.

I hate ANY love plot! Get on with the action, f’rchrissakes! :cool:

Withnail & I has only a few lines from women in very minor roles, and it’s widely regarded as a modern classic.

I don’t think of myself as a misogynist, but find a virtually female-less film a nice change, just occasionally. As well as the bolded one above, there’s Dr. Strangelove. Nuclear-World-War III films do seem, rather, to be an all-male business…

Treasure of the Sierra Madre. I don’t got to show you no stinkin’ female actors with any lines! and about three seconds of a woman near a hammock. This is the original no chicks movie. Despite that flaw, its a pretty good movie.
All Is Lost*, starring Robert Redford has no women in it. Or even another actor for that matter. I understand there is little to no speaking either. I heard it was really moving.

No. I tend to notice how few female characters a movie has, and then it upsets me a bit.

Hell, if I recall…the TV remake of Failsafe took away the wife’s lines and gave them to Clooney’s (Well, his character’s) son. Each poignant in their own way.

There is about ten seconds of women in The Boondock Saints if you don’t count Willem Dafoe in drag…

I have, certainly, enjoyed some films without significant women characters in them, but I definitely don’t have a soft spot for the whole idea. Like GuanoLad, it tends to upset me, more than it excites me. I prefer films that express the diversity of human experience where possible, so, outside gay porn, I think excluding half the human race is not cool. Of course, lots of exceptions abound, especially in the area of small-cast character pieces and the like. But it’s not exactly secret knowledge that women-as-real-people are way under-represented in movies.

And I think it’s bogus to automatically equate “includes women” with “romantic plot”. Yeah, that may be the way women are shoehorned into dumb action movies. But those are dumb action movies, they’re not supposed to be a good standard.

I like it when they don’t feel compelled to “write in” a female part where the original didn’t have one, or there’s no obvious reason to bring one in.

The originalFlight of the Phoenix had no woman, except for a double-exposure “fantasy sequence”.

As noted above, Sleuth did not, in either version, although Marguerite’s presence was felt throughout (and other women, in the original).

**The Bedford Incident

Moby Dick

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea** (the Disney version, except the floozies accompanying Kirk Douglas at the start).

A lot of sea films, come to think of it.

That’s more or less how I feel. A lot of historical settings just didn’t have many woman in them, and the ones that were there were unfortunately fairly limited in how they could participate. Generally speaking, I don’t think film-makers do themselves any favours trying to shoe-horn the protagonists girlfriend (or worse, the ubiquitous prostitute character) in a few random scenes to try and rectify that.

The Great Escape. Don’t recall any ladies in that. Maybe one or two on a train or the platform where Ashley-Pitt gets shot.

I would certainly have a “soft spot” if I had to watch a porno with no women. :smiley:

Carl Denham: Do you think I want to haul along a woman?
Agent: Then why do it?
Carl Denham: Because the public – bless them – must have a pretty face.

King Kong articulates the need for female leads, even though it started out with one.
Here are some movies where the originals had no female characters, but they wrote them in. A lot of Verne and the like:

**First Men in the Moon

Three Weeks in a Balloon

A Journey to the Center of the Earth ** (1959) – actually did a reasonable job of fitting her in.

Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)

The Lost World (every single movie version!)

**From the Earth to the Moon

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea** (1916 version

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (every TV version)

The Mysterious Island (every version, I think)

King Solomon’s Mines (I think all versions have a non-native woman)

She – (1935 and 1965 add non-Ayesha female characters)