What is the greatest film of all time without a love plot, sub-plot, or aspect?

I was just sitting here thinking about this, and was currious as to what you thought. What is the greatest film of all time, without some sort of love plot, sub-plot, or aspect? I’m talking, no man-woman (or whatever) aspect to the film at all, period.

Hmm interesting question. From my personal top-ten list the only film that qualifies is Grave of the Fireflies.

Other possibilities:
Lawrence of Arabia
Lavender Hill Mob

I’m not sure what you mean here. If you’re saying absolutely no expressions of love at all, period, no matter how tiny a role they play in the film, then pretty much any movie featuring a (happily) married (or dating) couple is out. I will, however, nominate:

2001: A Space Odyssey

which meets this strict interpretation.

Oh yes, this is indeed strict, lol. I was just thinking of great films that I love, and noticed that almost every single one of them has a man-woman relationship, however big or small. I know it’s vital to many stories, as it is something almost everyone can be familier with, but still, I had to ask myself…

…why aren’t there more great films made, with this aspect left out?

first one that comes to mind is ‘the exorcist’

How about “To Kill a Mockingbird?”

Well obviously the man-woman relationship is such a fundamental aspect of society that it’s going to be hard to make a movie where it’s completely absent. The only genre where this might happen relatively more often is the war film and even here commercial considerations often dictate some kind of love interest.

12 Angry Men is pretty good. I don’t think there’s a romantic plot or sub-plot.

I also was going to name 2001.

And what about Duck Soup? Unless you take Groucho’s leering seriously.

I was thinking of mentioning L.I.E., as I don’t think there’s any man-woman romance there, but I guess a broader reading of the OP would rule out gay romance as well. Hmm.

How about Glory? Maybe not the best film ever, but a damn fine movie, and no romantic plot or subplot that I recall.

How about Dr. Strangelove?

(I’m aware of its full title, just too lazy to type it out)


Wizard of Oz?


Hell in the Pacific best two hander ever made.

No, no. Dr. Strangelove had General Turgidson boinking his secretary, right?

Anyway, I nominate John Carpenter’s The Thing. No lovey-dovey in that movie. No women at all. (And no man-love either!)

Also, what about Reservoir Dogs? No love interest or subplot at all.

Are these “great” films? Maybe not, but for what they set out to do they are damned sure effective.

:confused: Is there some other, non-romantic Casablanca out there that I don’t know about? Or have I just been whooshed?


I totally forgot. “I’ll be right back for…BLASTOFF!!!”

But, I’d say war movies in general have a pretty good record in this department: Platoon, Saving Private Ryan, Kelly’s Heroes

On further reflection, I don’t really think it’s that unusual to not have any love interest. There are whole genres that lack them most of the time: Sci-Fi, War, Children’s movies.

Citizen Kane?