Anyone else having problems with their Watchmen DVD?

So I bought the Watchmen Director’s Cut DVD yesterday after work, and go over to a friend’s house to watch it. In Chapter 21, my DVD freezes up. Guess my friend’s DVD player is getting old.

I get home, pop it in my DVD player, select Chapter 21. Same problem. I inspect the disc closely. Not a scratch or smudge on it.

Today after work, went back to the store and exchanged for a new DVD without any issue. Watch it tonight, on a third DVD player, same Chapter, same problem. This is clearly a manufacturer’s defect.

Is there anybody else who’s seen this problem?

Chapter 21 is how far into the movie, time-wise?

If you’re not Erik Rommel, then someone else is having the same problem.

My husband bought it and we watched it last night; it was fine. However, if there’s a Blu-Ray version out, then it’s almost certain that’s what he bought. Did you get Blu-Ray or standard?

I’m having the same problem with different copies of the movie and on different players. Extremely annoying. I can’t even skip a chapter and/or jump straight to a scene.

Monkey: Did you get time to go set a watchman? I did.

/s/ H. L.