Anyone else having trouble reading the boards from Opera Web Browser?

Lately I’ll be browsing around on the SDMB and suddenly all my threads will stop responding. I wait and wait and wait, open new windows, try to reload the boards, close all connections, do anything I can think of, and I just can’t get any response. All other webpages load fine while this is happening. I’m still zipping around reading news, webmail, etc., without any problems or delays.

Then I begrudginly load up Internet Explorer and I’m zooming around the boards like nothing’s wrong. A few minutes later I’ll flip back to Opera and loading threads are still loading. I’ll open new windows, no response.

It’s happening so consistently now that I’m about ready to give up on using Opera for the Dope, and I’m a huge proponent of Opera. It’s the only browser I’ve used at home for over 6 years.

No problem here. I shudder in horror at the thought of reading the boards with IE. Blech.

I’m using V 8.54, for what it’s worth.

Moved to ATMB.

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What version of Opera are you using?

I use Opera 9.01, and don’t have any issue with the browing the SDMB. When the server is overloaded, it might respond in the manner you describe. Unfortunately, Opera doesn’t have a “refresh all” button.

Next time you hit this issue, try clicking on the “Stop” icon, and then try to refresh the page by clicking in the url bar and hitting enter.

If that doesn’t work, try clearing your cache.


I’ve tried all that. In fact, it’s happening right now. I’m posting from IE while Opera idles away in the background not getting anything done.

Towards the end of July, the boards were down for a day or two. I thought they were down for a couple of weeks, because I couldn’t get them to load in Opera. One day, my wife had IE open to do something Opera couldn’t do (probably watch a video on msn, I can’t remember) and I loaded up the Dope and jumped with joy. I immediately closed IE and clicked my toolbar button in Opera that takes me straight to the forum homepage. Nothing. I loaded IE again and it popped right up. That’s when I first noticed that most of the recent “downtime” wasn’t the boards, it was my browser.

It wouldn’t be so weird if ALL sites went through spells of not working, but it’s just this one.

Don’t worry, Cisco, you’re not alone. :stuck_out_tongue:

This has been an on-and-off issue since version 9.00, but interestingly enough, not 9 Beta; or, to be more specific, I’ve had similar problems since 9.00–I can’t say whether this is an official problem because I’ve not done research on it.

Opera will zoom along fine until, for some reason, it simply will not load some (but mostly all) threads. I, too, will assume I’ve hit a SDMB slow period; however, I’ll also be able to pull those same threads open in Firefox or I.E. Trying to stop and refresh the page produces nothing; sometimes I can highlight the URL in the address bar, hit Enter and watch it successfully reload (theoretically that’s just a manual stop and refresh, but it produces different behavior for me); other times that fails to work, and even closing out the page and going back to the address also fails.

I assumed it was a caching issue with the new version, but I haven’t verified that. I suppose I oughta amble on over to the Opera forums to see if I can find similar stories from other users, but that’d take actual effort on my part.

Yeah, I’d do that too but I’m banned over there. I noticed when I was signing up that they allowed usernames of up to 50 characters, so I created one that was exactly 50 characters. They apparently didn’t like this too much because I started one thread (a serious question), got about 10 responses - all complaints about my username - and was then permanently banned without so much as a warning or a request to choose a different name. I sent out a bunch of emails to their admins and never got any response.

. . . And Internet Explorer is especially annoying to browse the boards with because it keeps telling me that threads have new posts, even though they don’t. It does this no matter how many times I hit refresh or close and re-open IE.

I’ve come to trust those little orange “new posts” icons and now they’re betraying me!

I wish I could give you a more definite answer, but I do know that Opera 9.0 has changed quite a bit since their last version. As a matter of fact, because it changed so much, I had to rewrite 105 calculators on my website just so they could function with Opera 9.0. :mad:

Anyway I was told at the Opera forum (the “maximum 50 character screen name” message board :smiley: ) that Opera 9.0 adheres to the Web Forms 2.0 standard. Here’s a link they gave me:

Granted it may not solve your SDMB browsing problem, but if nothing else, it shows that Opera 9.0 is considerably different from previous versions.

Ok, try this:

Tools/Preferences/Advanced/Network -> Set “Max connections to a server” to 16 and set “Max total connections” to 32. See if that helps.

I found these related thread on the Opera forums:

Seems to be working, xash. Thank you very much.

I guess it was just a quick fix. It worked for about a half-hour after I did this, and hasn’t worked since then.

Just change those settings again (try increasing it) and refresh the page.

I seem to be hitting this same issue of late, and changing those settings seems to be helping. It even worked when I reduced the max connections from a higher setting to a lower setting. Changing those settings appears to be kick-starting something.