Anyone else having trouble with

@#!@#! Amazon… I think they laid off too many people.

I placed an order on Monday at about 2pm. At that point, all 3 of the books I ordered had a status of “Usually ships within 24 hours.”

As of right now, Thursday at 1:17 pm, they haven’t shipped. The shipping status has changed to “1 in stock - shipping soon.” It’s been that way since yesterday morning.

I sent one email saying “What’s up? How come these haven’t shipped?” yesterday at noon. I sent another, slightly firmer one this morning. I haven’t heard anything back other than their automated “We got your email” message.

Anyone else having problems with 'em? I HATE that they don’t have a phone number that I can call and bitch to somebody. I order from them mostly because they usually process the order and ship it quickly. If they’re not going to do that, I’ll go to the local Borders! ARGGHGHGHH!

Here’s a good way to see if Amazon’s site is working: call up the page for any book at random. Just off the top of my head . . . Umm, “Anna Held and the Birth of Ziegfeld’s Broadway,” or “Golden Images.” Go into the “review this book” section and write about how this is the best book ever written and everyone should buy it. Press “submit,” and see if it shows up a few days later!

. . . Just an idea . . .

Well, the only problem I had was that they couldn’t seem to get any money out of my bank account to send me the book I ordered for my dad (sorry, Eve, it was on homebuilding). Of course, part of that problem could be mine since I’ve had $60 in overdraft fees this week and didn’t have enough money there! $$$$$Friday is payday!!!$$$$

Well, Eve, I gotta read 'em first. Of course, the three books I ordered were “Vamp : The Rise and Fall of Theda Bara”, “Anna Held and the Birth of Ziegfeld’s Broadway” and “Golden Images.” I’m not quite sure how they had a copy of “Golden Images” on hand since it hasn’t been published yet, but there it was! What did you think I had been ordering?!?


I ordered a CD on Monday and it’s already somewhere in C Springs…according to UPS anyway. I keep hoping it will get here today, but it took from 11:59 last night on departure scan from Denver to 11:13 this morning to arrive and be scanned in C Springs.

Hmmm, Eve beat me to it. I was gonna suggest a book you could try. I was even willing to lie and say that it WAS about building. Heck, it’s about anything! It’s the THNEED of books. The Panacea. It’s about anything you want.
About the OP, though-- we just ordered some stuff from Amazon for the first time, and it came within a couple of days. So for my limited experience, nope, no problems.

… well, I do need a thneed… would you take $3.98?

I don’t know. I ordered 2 books on Monday, and according to the tracking number, the package is waiting at my apartment now. Don’t know why they haven’t shipped yours yet.

My very first order through Amazon was a screw up on their part, and the movie I ordered was massively delayed, so they sent a second copy of it next day air and told me to keep the other copy if I ever received it. Many orders and no screw ups later I managed to be able to place an order for a Playstation 2 over the holidays through them (YIPEEE!!! :smiley: ) and the order was declared lost by the UPS guys and they placed the blame on Amazon. I called Amazon and they ended up accepting the blame for it, but said that in all actuality it was UPS passing the buck. They ended up crediting me the shipping charge, which was about $26, so I was quite happy when the PS2 showed up only a couple of days late. The level of customer care I seen has made me loyal Amazon fan, so give them a call at 1-800-201-7575 and give 'em your grief, and I bet they’ll work something out with you. It DOES piss me off that they don’t readily display their phone number on the site, 'cause it a big ole digital world now :rolleyes: but I think that’s supposed to be a testimony to their dedication to running an online store to keep the costs down to the customer, but when I got problems, I want to talk to a person…not bounce around e-mails and wait for a reply.

monkeylucifer you are my hero. I honor and exalt your name. You are the keeper of all knowledge, including the hidden cryptic digits-o-Amazon.

I’m on hold right now, getting ready to bitch mightily. I’ll keep you updated.

In the old days when I ordered, they’d send in a few days. The first time i ever ordered from them was around December…the holidays. And they STILL got my book and CDs to me quickly. I want to order stuff for the vacation. I think i should do it a week in advance. I hate how they’re slowing down…anyone else notice this? :frowning:

I called 'em. The person I talked to told me that one of the books I ordered had a 2-3 day availability. Humph. It didn’t have that when I placed the order! It said 24 hours. Regardless, it’s entered the shipping process, so maybe I’ll get it someday. She said she would have happily upgraded the shipping to overnight, but as it’s already in the shipping process, she can’t.

Bah Humbug.

Zoggie I agree with you. Two years ago, Amazon got stuff to me amazingly fast. Nowadays they sit on it, seemingly forever. For me, the speediness was one of their big selling points, and I don’t order from them as often now that they’re slow.

I ordered two videos in November, one which “usually ships in 24 hours,” and “one usually ships in 3-5 days.” They finally arrived in early January.

I was looking at The Word Detective earlier today, and he had some comments about his own book. You can read it for yourself, but basically, he said “I don’t know why is saying it’s out of stock, because it isn’t. I suspect they’re shipping the best sellers first, then everything else at their own leisure.”

I’ve still never had a book take more than four days to get to me (from time of shipping, to receiving).

This is limited, of course, to “within 24 hours” books. I have yet had them be able to send me a book that listed as “3-4 weeks if we find one”.

Now lets take a breath, relax, and go back ten years and laugh at ourselves for bitching because something we mail ordered takes more than a week to get to us.