Anyone else having trouble with Netflix tonight?

Tried logging on, nothing happening. It’s not working on my phone either. Just curious if other people are having difficulty with the site.

Everything is fine here. Smooth as always.

Yes. First I thought only streaming was down, but the site in general is hosed for me.

I haven’t tried watching anything, but the site is down for me.

And down for everyone.

Looks like it’s down for me.

It got it to load once just now, but it’s it’s still pretty iffy.

Just finished watching a movie that was completely buffered because now I can’t get back to browsing. :frowning:

Thanks for the link! That’s a nice resource. I figured it was a site problem since everything else is loading fine, but wanted to check in here.

We’re watching just fine at the moment.

Now I’m getting a “we are experiencing technical difficulties” message. I think I’ll read a book.

I was having problems, but it is working fine now.

I was able to watch a movie using the PS3 app, but the website is buggered.