Anyone else here participate in Dagorhir?

Note to Mods: Dagorhir is a sport, that’s why I started this here.

Doing a search, I see there were some who participated in Dagorhir quite a while ago. I think there are still some folks here who do SCA? (I’d like to get invovled in that as well. I’ve met some folks who are in Calontir recently.) For those who don’t know what that is, here are two links and some quotes.

I’ve been invovled as a combatant with a local realm since October of 2011. I fight “Florentine” style which means I use two swords, as does the main leader of our realm. I have a blast besting 20somethings both during practice and during events! :smiley: Here is a youtube slideshow showing an event I attended this past February.

Bump! :confused: Anyone? :slight_smile:

I used to do something related, which was pretty entertaining, but I eventually left the hobby due to the people it seemed to attract. x.x

:confused:What kind of people do you mean? I’ve met a lot of geeks, and nerds so far! :smiley: Edit: And what was it you participated in? Belegarth, Amtgard? :confused:

Some local outfit that called itself “Quest”; And yes, lots of geeks and nerds, some of whom were agreeable folk, and some of whom seemed to be involved for the politics and/or power fantasies and who alienated a surprising number of fellow participants over time.

Also, I think, at the end of the day, people who LARP and/or do ‘boffer’ combat are a little more geeky/nerdy than I find myself enjoying hanging out with. This is actually a case for a lot of my hobbies, which makes me a bit sad. :stuck_out_tongue: