Anyone else Keen on Eddie?

My wife and I have taken a bit of a liking for the summer show Keen Eddie.

Wondering if any of you felt the same?

Not exactly “don’t miss TV” (what is?) but an enjoyable way to pass an hour if it fits into our schedule. Which it does tonight.

I find myself moderately interested in a couple of the main characters, each show has something at least somewhat clever/amusing in it, and it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of achingly beautiful babes in it. Mind not quite made up yet over the filming/editing.

That pretty much sums up how I feel about it – it’s a fun show, not something I’m going to stay home and watch, but I’ll watch it if I’m around and have nothing better to do. I think the actor who plays Eddie has a surprising amount of charisma, and they’ve crafted some good supporting characters (I’m especially enthralled with the secretary-type Eddie keeps fantasizing about). I hope it makes it past the first season (not many of the shows I like actually do… which probably says something about my taste).

I’m trying not to get too attached because I feel Fox will betray me with their programming schedule. Instead of going on hiatus for the premiere of the Aaron Spelling-esque nighttime soapie The O.C. (which looks so terrible even I won’t watch it), Keen Eddie’s moving to Thursday this week–but it’s going up against The Amazing Race so it’ll probably be dead in the water anyway. Sniff.

I really like the show, although the Guy Ritchie editing sometimes gives me motion sickness. I like the recurring theme of the matchbooks Eddie puts in his London map at the end of each case. I especially like Pete. I love bull terriers.

It’s a decent show…it doesn’t “grab” you though, I’m not sure why. To me a lot of the regulars feel too predicatable: the sexy, argumentative roomie, the tough but secretly on his side boss, the kooky co-worker. That said if it’s on I enjoy it for an hr but it doesn’t stay with you afterwards.

Sorry to break the news, but I read (in a “Newark Star-Ledger” TV column from the past week, I think) that Fox has already decided to cancel the show.

Bummer; this show had a lot of style and humor… not to mention the sexy male lead! Maybe Fox will reconsider…?


I put it on the Tivo season pass list…I like it. At times it seems that it is working too hard to ry to be Snatch but overall its still pretty good.

Never heard of the show, but I’m certainly Keen on Eddie. I should be, I married her! :smiley:

Now, if I can get her to squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube instead of the middle, we’ll get somewhere.

“Lets get them meek bastards NOW!

That’s a shame, the show had some potential, though I agree that it seemed to draw waaay too much from the 90’s british gangster movie movement (can we say ‘bling bling’ with a british accent, now?). Another thing… the main character looked uncannily like an ex of mine, which kind of prevented me from enjoying it as much as I felt I could, based on the strength of the scripts/direction. Heh. petty

Is it me, or did Eddie’s partner remind anyone of Willem Dafoe’s character on Boondock Saints, looks and eccentricities and all?

So is this being shown on any station, including cable? I know someone who is a fan. Never saw it.