Anyone else know this Cribbage variation?

I am trying to remember how to play this version of Cribbage. It’s for 2 players.

Each player is dealt 12 cards, and one card is dealt face up on the table. It is determined that one player will play “across” and one player will play “down”.

The players look at their own cards. Taking turns, each player lays down one card at a time, building a 5 card x 5 card grid, trying to make high scores in their rows (or columns) or sabotaging their opponent’s scoring attempts.

After each player has laid down all their cards, they score their own rows (or columns) and peg accordingly.

I learned it as “Crazy Crib” but I am certain that is not the actual name.

Has anyone else heard of this?

Nope, never heard of it, but it sounds interesting (though I can see matches ending quickly because that’s potentially a lot of points to tally each hand).

Yes, it’s definitely quick & dirty, and not for “purists”, but the strategy involved can be kind of fun.

Yeah, that’s a new one to me, too. I like to read rules of card games for fun, and I don’t recognize ever coming across anything like that. is a good place to search.

Hrmm. That’s a variation I haven’t played. We do play grid crib, but it’s less strategic, in as much as you don’t know what your twelve cards are in advance – you still lay them out in a five by five grid, and one counts across and one down, but you just pick up the next card on the top of the pile when it’s your turn, and decide where you want it.

I’ve played it as a solitaire variant, except on a 4x4 grid, then turn up one card at the end. This gives you 10 hands in which the goal is to score 121 points.

Oh my. This may be the saddest thing I’ve ever read.

:slight_smile: I like cards. :slight_smile: