Anyone else like the Irish band Bagatelle?

Well I like a band from Ireland called Bagatelle and they consist of Liam Reilly and a few others and I think they have been making music for many years. They are also widely known outside Ireland. Indeed Bono from U2 used to call them “Bag-a-Money” because they used to make alot of money by selling records. Some of their songs are very good including “Boston Rose” and “Raining in Paris” and “Flight of the Earls”. Some of their songs are very similar and are largely about leaving Ireland to dig for gold in America or something along those lines. I saw them live last year at a hotel and they were really god and I got some stuff signed by Liam Reilly and I saw some other members of Bagatelle as well. Does anyone here know about some of them and know anyone who may have something to say about this?

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Never heard of them. Apparently they released 5 albums 30 years or more ago.

Summer in Dublin.

I’m more a Donal /Christy / planxty fan but bagatelle are good craic