Anyone else lose their Charter Member status?

I did, for some reason …

Join Date: 11-22-2000
Never lapsed in paying the annual subscription fee.

Yes, I lost mine as well and I’ve paid up regularly every year since the board went pay to post. Hopefully, it’s just a minor glitch.

I found this in Jerry’s message dated today:

I lost my Charter Member designation too. Please reapply it.

All will happen in the fullness of time but let Jerry get the board stable and fast first.

I am now a guest for some reason. I should be a member.

Seconded, I could care less if it called me a “guest” right now but could still post and read. I know eventually things will get sorted out, and what is under our names is somewhere near the bottom of the priority list.

I’m still cha-ter. :smiley:

Let’s see…
Well. It seems I still belong to the aristocracy, peasants.

I’m still a charter member…

…what my status is.

Okay. Good to know. Charter(ed Bus) status for me. Cool.

Posting abilities: check.
No ads: check.
Chillin’ ‘til Jerry gets the board groovin’: mondo check.

We cool. :cool:

I rarely post but I kept mine. Maybe you guys just post too much. :slight_smile:

Perhaps your charter member certificate was issued on paper similar to paper made for cash register rolls. That paper fades in short order.

True charter member certificates are issued on parchment. The ink, however, remains a closely guarded secret, but I hear blood is involved.

Just testing… first post on the new server. Very exciting!

Testing as well

Test post to see if anything’s screwy with my account.

e: Nope, s’all good.
e2: looking at postcount, did I really make like 150 posts during the FFA weekend? Huh, looks like it!

Testing too.

Test post. Test post in Chrome. Ooh, that’s big.

Testing, I’m seeing “Member” in my user CP.

I should try this too…

ETA: Phew! Looks like I’m okay. Guess my parchment didn’t fade. :smiley:

Just testing