Anyone else played the new "Resident Evil"?

My friends just got it the other day, so I went over to see it, and DAMN!!!

The graphics, the sound, the movements, the story, the movies, EVERYTHING about it is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! It’s still got the same silliness in terms of puzzles and whatnot, but those are always fun when you finally manage to figure out something that’s been baffling you for an hour, and it’s one of those aspects of the game you can’t really avoid. But there are some new additions to it that I’ve noticed, some good, some bad.

  1. Zombies don’t stay dead. Unless you blow their heads off, a zombie you kill on minute will come back to “life” twenty minutes down the line. And they don’t just get up, they get up PISSED. The move lightning fast, can run faster than you almost, up and down stairs, they swing at you now to throw you off guard and bite harder. It’s just not fair. But there are ways to get past this, such as
  2. With a bit of karosine and a lighter, you can set zombie corpses on fire and never have to worry about them again. AWESOME!
  3. They made it easier to blow a zombie’s head clean off. One well placed handgun bullet, or more fun, shot gun blast, and the sucker’s down for the count.
  4. “Defense weapons.” Both Chris and Claire can pick up extra daggers, so if a zombie does happen to get ahold of them, they can pull it out and stab them in the neck/forehead and fend the beast off. And if you shoot it in the head afterwards, you get your knife back.
  5. Although we haven’t quite figured it out yet, you can apparently also fight hand to hand in this game. We haven’t tried walking around unequipped, but then again, we’d just learned about the uber-zombies, so that just didn’t seem like a good idea. If anyone knows how to accomplish this let me know.

Those are just the few things I saw in the hour I played, and just to reiterate, this game RULEZ, and that’s with a z, so you know it’s badass. I gotta say though, with all the improvements they made, you’d think they’d finally teach Jill how to use a fucking combat knife properly.

I didn’t like the origninal because it was too slow, but I really like the remake. Maybe it’s all the pretty effects. What I hate though is the save feature. I don’t mind having to go back to the typewrite whenever you need to save, but for gawd’s sake, give me unlimited saves. You can’t just pick up the game and play for 15 minutes before going to work, cause then you have to waste a save. And if you just let the game sit while you cower in a closet so you can go eat dinner, the game clock keeps ticking and you lose out on a cooler ending.
Other than that though, that’s a great game to play in the dark. It’ll scare the bejezus outta ya.

Can you guys tell me how the interface works? I know that in the arcade you actually have a gun that you aim at the screen. Do you need a joystick to really enjoy playing this, or just use the keyboard? Arcade games lose alot of their appeal when you have to resort to keyboard shortcuts. I’d be playing on a laptop, I wonder if it’s worth the bother.

I think you are thinking of House of the Dead, the gun game from Sega (which isn’t that great on PC, no.) Resident Evil is on the GameCube.

Got it on May 1st, beat it 5 days later. Total time the first time, 12:30. Working on my third time around now.

I have to agree, it’s one of the best games ever. Graphics are awesome, sounds are great, spooky factor is high (try playing it in the dark at night with the sound all the way up).

I was really worried about bying a GC because of Nintendo’s “kiddie games” reputation but this one title made me forget all about that. If Nintendo can keep getting games like this out they’ll be number one again in no time.