Best zombie killin' game?

Watching Sean of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead reminded me of how much fun I had playing the Resident Evil 2 demo.

What’s the best game that’ll let me have fun shooting zombies that I can play on my PC?

I forgot, not including Doom 3, which I played and didn’t care for.

Well, they’re not exactly zombies, but you might want to look in to the upcoming Resident Evil 4 for the Gamecube. It even stars RE2’s own Leon Kennedy, not to mention being the most graphically impressive game this side of Doom 3.

Eternal Darkness is a Lovecraftian horror game which focuses harder on story than it does combat with the undead, but the final boss is a Roman Zombie Warrior (it makes sense in context, trust me) and the game has legions of undead. Worth a rent if you dig Lovecraft, if only for the “Insanity Effects” your character goes through as they delve further in to madness.

They both look good, but I don’t think they have PC ports.

Oh, we’re only talking about PCs, huh? I apologize, I didn’t see that earlier.

Well, there’s always Halo and “The Flood,” which is either amazing or horrible, depending on who you ask. I’m under the impression that System Shock 2 has a PC version and also has zombies, but I’ve not played the game, so I can’t say either way.

You might take a look at PainKiller, which pits you against various undead types many of whom have axes and swords and such, so I suppose it really isn’t a “classic” zombie game. It’s reminiscent of Serious Sam (if you are familiar with those games) in that there are often literally dozen of monsters coming at you at a given time, and they all tend to run fast. Lots of fun if you enjoy that type of nonstop adrenaline action.

System Shock 2 rocks.

Some of the Silent Hill games are on PC. Half-Life has aliens that look like zombies. The Flood in Halo are technically zombies, but they move way too fast. Fallout/Fallout II have whole zombie cities you can wipe out, but they are RPGs. I don’t know if you’re interested in that kind of game.

Forget the PC. You want a good Zombie game get a copy of Zombies!!! a great little boardgame. You and the other players try to get the @#$@ out of Dodge by helicopter. First you have to battle waves of Zombies and avoid being screwed by other players. Expansions include a Mall and a Military base. Everyone I have had play this game have enjoyed it. Even those who hate Zombie movies or board games.

I’ve played System Shock 2, Half-life and Halo, but they’re not really what I’m looking for. I’m really in the mood for… hmmm.

Is there any professional game like the “They Hunger” mod for Half-Life?

Don’t forget ZOMBIES!!! 4, which is a pretty stand alone game as well, that takes place in the woods and comes with a bag of 100 plastic zombie dogs. What more could you want?

If you don’t mind nazis with your zombies, there’s always Return To Castle Wolfenstein.

And even though it’s not a PC title, Zombies Ate My Neighbors (SNES, Genesis) is one of my all-time favorite zombie-killin’ games.

The tabletop Zombies!!! is fun, but almost never does someone get to the chopper - at least in my experience.

I’m holding my breath waiting for Rebel Without A Pulse, the chance to be a zombie in a FPS.

I tried Silent Hill 3. And honestly can’t see what people found scary about it. Stupid Japanese half translations…