Anyone else preorder Star trek online?

Having pretty much thrown in the towel on WoW I am going to take a stab at ST:O

Preorders will get keys to open beta, starting Jan 12th IIRC, as well as a 2 day headstart on the public release.

I ordered the gamestop version, giving a perk of the classic NCC-1701 ship (each major retailer has its own perk), so while others are graduating to a Miranda Class we go to Constitution class.

Also pondering the idea of doing some Klingon play. Rumor has it that Klingons will be more PVP centric but the urge for naming ships things like “Fuzzy Bunny Rabbit” translated to Klingon are just too damn tempting.

Anyone else planning on playing and or possibly forming a doper fleet?

As is my wont for the last several years, I’ll wait for the first genuine AARs and bug reports, but the concept does appeal to me.

I’m not going to pre-order but I am looking forward to the game. A faster paced, slightly less hardcore EVE Online set in the rich Star Trek universe… Excellent.