Anyone else see this?

… the kite flying outside the window of the White House during George W’s speech today? I thought it was trash blowing in the wind at first, like a plastic bag, but it kept spinning. Anyone else notice?


I wasn’t watching it that close but that would be great if it was someone flying a kite.

“You thought you had us cowering in fear, Osama? Ha! We’re flying kites!”

I kinda doubt it. They would have had to be on the White House lawn for it to be seen, wouldn’t they? I doubt anyone was kite flying today at the White House.

[aside]Did anyone see SNL last night? In the opening bit, the guy doing Bush giving a speech from the Oval Office had the best line to bin Laden:

“I’m going to make you my personal Where’s Waldo and unlike that confusing book, I will find you.” :smiley: [/aside]


It was either a couple of kites in a park accross the street. (my first thought)

or, it was a couple of SeaGulls ducking and swooping… I couldnt tell or take my eyes off them.

Okay. I watched a replay of the speech and I saw either 4 or 5 of the things.

The way they were moving I thought they looked like reflections of some kind from the camera crew. But then I had to wonder because they were in the same areas pretty much and they were pretty constant.

If they were seagulls, they were doing some sort of mating dance. :slight_smile:

UFOs! :smiley:

I think they were birds distorted by very old window glass that has “run”.
Automobiles are particualarly distorted in one pane of the window.

I don’t think they were distorted because the window glass has run. Those windows have bulletproof glass several inches think. I suspect that is what caused the distortion.

Could it have been one of those circular gizmos that has little tails that spin around in the wind? I can’t really describe them, but I see them all over the suburbs around here on porches; at least, during the spring & summer I do.

Anyway, who’s to say that Laura Bush didn’t hang a few around the White House? If Hillary Clinton :rolleyes: could decorate the White House lawn with weird, abstract art (which she did), what’s to stop Mrs. Bush from sprucing up the porch with kitschy wind thingies?

So what did :):slight_smile: Hillary Clinton :):slight_smile: decorate the White House lawn with, Newt Ginrich’s head on a pike?

Rasta: They are called windsocks. I was watching the speech and at first I thought maybe it was just a plastic bag floating in the wind, but it could have been a windsock.

[sub]or it could have been the Illuminati, but you didn’t hear that from me[/sub]

Smartass reply #1:

Earthoids, we have been asking you to take us to your leaders ever since Roswell. Now, it’s nice that you took us to visit our cousins Shirley MacLane and Michael Jackson, but we wanted to see someone in charge, OK? We finally decided, “Screw it, we’ll go look for him on our own!”

Smartass reply #2:

Greetings, Humanites. We are here from Ragnar 4 to reclaim our long-lost brother Gore-Al, whom we left on your planet 20 years ago with instructions to take over from within. According to the master schedule, Gore-Al should meet us here in this large white structure now. Who is this George W. Bush, and where is Gore-Al?

Oh, man.
You think they’ll be pissed about the beard?
Oh, man.

You forgot Dennis Rodman.

CarnivorousPlant: Maybe. They might think he’s gone native.

Nocturne: I think Dennis Rodman has even the aliens scratching their multiple heads and saying, “WTF?”.