Anyone else spending New Year's Eve alone?

Anyone else out there in doperland all alone tonight? Let’s commiserate with each other. All I’ve got planned for the night is reading and watching a few episodes of The Shield.

At least this year I have an excuse for being alone - I’m at work all night. Although, I’m sure if I was home, I’d be doing much the same thing. Just replace The Shield with The Twilight Zone marathon. :slight_smile:

Not really alone, but close to it. My other half is busy working as the company 'closes out their year." I"m not going out because I got bit some poisonous spider a couple days ago and my face is still swollen. Doesn’t really matter as I usually don’t enjoy New Years Eve anyway. Every cop in the city is out and the bars are full of amateurs who aren’t used to going out. Last thing I want to do is be stuck behind a bunch of females who think they’re on Sex in the City and trying to order a round of Cosmos and then open and close a tab on New Years Eve with 100 people behind them!

Never alone enough.

All alone, here. A friend was going to come over, but she called earlier and said that she’s in a bad mood and doesn’t want to inflict it on me. So I’m alternating between reading, surfing the web, and doing puzzles. I may not even bother staying up till midnight.

I’m alone until 11 pm; does that count? But after that it’ll be just Mr. S, the dogs, and me.

All alone here, but I’m not much good for commiserating because I hate parties anyway. I’m tired as hell, not going to last until midnight. Maybe I’ll set my alarm clock for midnight so I can wake up to hear all the sociable people shooting off firecrackers and deadly weapons.

Not exactly alone (the Other Half is puttering about somewhere), but enough that I hope it counts for this thread. :slight_smile: Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say for Justin to check his email and to wish everyone else a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I’m spending New Years Eve alone and I spent Christmas alone. By now I like it better that way (no worrying that listening to dirty Christmas carols will offend anyone.)

I’ll probably go to bed in about an hour. No need to watch the ball drop–if you’ve seen it once you’ve seen it a million times. And I won’t miss the new year coming in–at midnight he people across the street set off enough fireworks to wake everyone in a half mile radius.


Oh crap, fireworks. My dog will probably be rooting around in my bed all night in fear.

faithfool, did you finally finish the novel that is your email? :smiley: It’ll be about 7:30 tomorrow morning before I get to read it, but I’m glad you sent it.

Happily, as well.

I’m enjoying segments of Top Gear on YouTube, such as this one where they try and turn a car into a Space Shuttle

(yes, the car does get airborne via rockets)

All alone. I don’t even have any houseplants.

It’s just me, sleeping baby, cat and dog until Husband gets home at 10. Then we’ll watch the ball drop.

Boring this year. :slight_smile:

Me and my kitty. And that’s fine by me. The roads are kinda icy and I don’t want to be out there at night unless I have to. I like being home and doing not much at all in general.

Packed off the kids to various places and now it’s just me and two cats. Ahhh.

I made myself a beef tenderloin roast with no sides except bread and butter and red wine, and for dessert I made bread pudding with whiskey cream sauce. It’s good to be alone, for the most part. I’m trying to stay up until after midnight, but it’s only 8 o’clock and I’m getting ready to drink my third glass of wine, so… doubt it. Happy new year, loner Dopers.

Kids conked out, but so did the husband.
But it’s OK.


I’m on my own…and extremely glad that I didn’t get stuck with pager duty tonight and tomorrow.

Apart from The Dope, my evening’s entertainment consists of watching The Office (season 3) on Netflix whilst imbibing a nice sparkling Rosé and noshing on assorted tasty treats. Not that exciting–hell, it’s not exciting at all–but I’m quite content.

Oh yeah, I’m just sitting out here at the shanty…fried to a crispy crunch. Wheee! Anyway, the meteorologist mentioned earlier that we could see the crescent moon with Venus below, along with Mercury and Jupiter on the horizon, so I went outside as the sun set and managed to see it. Came back in to warm up for a couple minutes, but when I went back out, Mercury and Jupiter were no longer visible. Sic transit gloria stellae errantes (or something like that). Then I came back in and watched “Kelly’s Heroes” and got crispier. Some of the neighbors are doing a few random test firings on their pyrotechnics. I believe I shall indulge in another movie and additional crispitude now.

Yep, but really only because I had to work today and have to work tomorrow. It doesn’t really matter to me; NYE was never a big deal, as far as I’m concerned.

So that was Venus, was it? I saw that lovely combination when I was out walking my dog.

Some bozo who can’t tell time is already setting off fireworks.