Anyone else spending New Year's Eve alone?

Yep, spending Amateur night alone, unless you count and evening with Ralph, Norton, Alice and Trixie alone. Where I’m at, there is a Honeymooners marathon going on, and I am DVRing them all. I’ll be watching them for (Honeymooners reference follows) AT LEAST AN HOUR!!!

Yup. But I like being alone, so it’s no big deal.

And it’s my birthday too…

Well, I will be, as soon as the husband gets gone. We were going to go to a party together, but most of the people there are his friends, not mine, and the gross case of double pinkeye I’ve got has me feeling a little too shy to go out.

The kids are gone - the girl to grandma’s and the boy to a friends’ house. I wanted them outta here as soon as I identified the creeping crud in my eyeballs.

I’m actually quite looking forward to having the house to myself. I’ve got a sickly sweet wine to finish and the remote control all to myself! I’m going to see how far through my new I, Claudius DVD set I can get tonight. :smiley:

Hello Police?

I hear someone whistling dirty Chistmas Carols…

Happy Birthday!

ARGHHHHHHHH! Don’t mention that monstrosity to me please! In the process of trying to clean out my email and simultaneously work on what I was sending to you, I discarded the damn draft instead of hitting the “save” button. :mad: :mad: I hate myself for doing that sort of thing (more than once I might add)!

So now I have to start all over again. Unless the sweet guy I was sending it to gives me a reprieve 'cause we’ll be talking on IM soon…
< whistles, kicks toe in dirt and bats puppy dog eyelashes >
What? :stuck_out_tongue:

ETA: Happy Birthday to susan!

Really? Happy Birthday!

I’m alone too-I don’t mind. It’s waaaaaay too cold and nasty to go out. I can curl up here in a chair and read, and comfort my poor kitty cat at midnight.
(Besides, after the past week at work, and all the holiday parties, I’m waaaaaay too exhausted to do anything)

Yup, the scheduling gods hate me and I got assigned the overnight shift tonight. 10PM to 6AM, and I don’t even get holiday pay because my shift “starts on a non-holiday”. The guy working tomorrow night gets the holiday pay. Where’s the justice in that I say? Is he the one missing all the parties and such? Blah!

I am making up for being jipped out of the extra pay by not doing a damn thing all night except play flash games, drink large amounts of coffee, and post on the dope. Good times.

Oh no! Well, that’s okay. Don’t worry about re-sending.

Happy birthday, susan. And to twickster and Baker and anyone else whose birthday it is.

Yep, I’m alone tonight. First New years in a while that has worked out that way, but I’m pretty happy about it. Happy new years to you all!:slight_smile:

Ayup. Can’t afford to go anywhere, so its me and the cats. (And some cheap whisky.)

Yep. Just me, my cat, and my chocolate. (I almost bought wine, but decided I needed the chocolate more.)

On my own, but that’s actually pretty much the way I like it on New Year’s. Just got done watching The Rocketeer (great flick, btw) and am now sipping the Moet that I bought about two years ago to celebrate the purchase of my house but never got round to opening.

HNY, y’all.

Happy New Year to you: (full episodes from most seasons)

It’s the story of my life. JUst me and the dogs & cats. And a now-empty botty of tequila.

Hey, it only had about 5 shots left in it anyway.

Happy New Year guys.

I never consider myself alone when I’m on SDMB.

I just turned on ABC and saw the creepiest thing ever. My god, Dick Clark needs to retire. This is just embarassing for him and the entire country. I changed over to Carson Daly.

All I can say is I am SO GLAD that my friend who wanted to come to NYC in order to go to TS tonight changed her mind…I’m across the river in Brooklyn. 1 min to go until meaningless milestone time!

My SO is conked out on my bed. Poor thang flew SF-Chicago-London-Bangalore twice in 7 days with a week of near constant travel (criss crossing the US) before that. I’m to wake up him at 11:30 to see if he can make it to New Year’s.

So he’s here but I’m sitting on the couch watching movies by myself.

S’okay though-he flew back for me, and to take me to Belize in two days.

Reasonably bad cold and six inches of snow equals a couch, a blanket, a laptop, and a TV for me.

Happy New Year’s to all of my fellow EST denizens!

My husband has been unconscious since 8 p.m. He fell asleep while I was working out and he was putting our son to bed and he’s still there. I imagine that I’ll get my annual New Year’s grunt when I go in to prod him as I head off to bed. Until then, I’ve been splurging on some Chex mix, a cookie and port.

So, 2009 has come to Missouri…a Happy New Year to those observing Central Standard Time! When the fireworks die down, this sleepy old man will sail off in the manner of Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.