Anyone else think Monster Garage is the bees knees?

This show is awsome. The stuff they do to these rides is unbelievable. I just got done watching them take a Sububrban and turn it into a mobile wedding chapel. Very entertaining. The crew was ready to beat this shit out of one of the team members by the end, but they ended up pulling it out.

Couple questions though.

I was watching one where they had an F150 to turn into a walnut tree shaker. I only got to see the first 20 minutes or so. Does anyone know if they got it to work or not? It wasn’t looking too good when I turned it off.

Also, has anyone seen an episode where they failed the mission and did not get the tools?

Great show. Jesse James kicks arse!

Yep, it worked. It was pretty cool, too. They even hooked up a conveyor belt to carry the walnuts from the bottom of the umbrella-thingy to a storage hopper.

I know they were having issues fitting that shaking mechanism into the back of the truck. I turned it off when they removed the entire bed. Where did they put the conveyor? I am having a hard time visualizing this contraption.

Yes. it’s the bee’s knees. It’s the wasp’s nipples. It’s the entire set of erogenous zones of every major insect in the Western world.

They did fail with the car crusher/hearse, and Jesse was extremely pissed about it. They ended up crushing the hearse and blowing some stuff up.

I did like the Mustang lawn mower, and the limo fire truck was cool.

Was that the one with a big auger on the back of it? I saw a picture of it on the website.What the hell was the auger supposed to do? Drill thru the car?

It says the next one is a MINI sandrail. What the hell is a sand rail? It doesn’t say on the site.

I had high hopes for the VW/swamp boat but it swam like a cow. The bus/party boat was petty sweet though.

Actually, I think Jesse’s an asshole. Which is not to say that they don’t come up with some cool stuff. But I think he’s a pompous arrogant twit who really brings the show down.

Nah, Jesse’s ok, a bit of an acquired taste at times, but he grew on me after I watched a few of the shows. Basically a big kid who loves tools and tearing stuff up.

What I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really hate is the announcers and their cheesy “extreme” approach. They sound like the “sunday, sunday, sunday” commercial announcer after a lobotomy. They totally detract from the show, and they, and the writers for them, should be fired.

It ruins the intro and contest parts of the show, which currently feel tacked on and a waste of time. By the time the “contest” happens, the result is already been determined. We are forced to listen to the cackling morons scream into the microphone in faux street hipster slang, just to see how cool the paint job turned out. Idiots. :mad:

I love the rest of the show though. Mmmmm, power tools. . . .


This one last night with the Suburan/Wedding Chapel had people pissed too. Jesse was holding back big time. You could tell. One dude made an old lady cry because she f’d everything up in the zero hour. I felt bad for her. He was tearing her welds off with his bare hands to show how shoddy her work was. It was lame because the stuff she welded wasn’t load bearing or anything, it just needed to stick.

I like Jesse. I am from IL and he reminds me of all the gear heads I used to know.

We recently moved a lost the free cable.

My favorite was the Woodchipping PT Cruiser. Jessie was bitching that it wasn’t difficult enough for him and his team. The teams Demo, where they went out a found oddball stuff to toss into it was way more amusing then the actual use for wood. They tossed in a stuffed animal that came out of the chipper mostly in tact and flew upwards. They also tossed in a book, and when it emerged from the chipper it looked like a genuine new York tikker tape parade.

I miss this show sniff

I love this show and wish there were more episodes. (Except for last night’s it’s been reruns for quite a while.) It’s really different from most anything else on TV and I’m learning a LOT. The painting really intrigues me – how would someone get into something like that?

My pet peeve (aside from the EXTREEEEME announcers) is the overwhelming amount of “Freebies.” Why have the $3000 limit if it essentially doesn’t mean anything? The episode with the Mini/Snowmobile had like $5,000 worth of freebies so it looked like they only spent like a thousand dollars. I’d be more interested in seeing what everything cost as it went in, then a grand total at the end (including the cost of the original car. They pick up most of them used, although I think the Mini itself was a Freebie.)

Yeah, but I love the “Freeeeeeeebieeeeeeee!” audio cue, so we can’t have that now. :wink: