Anyone else use baby/talcum powder on themselves after a shower?

I just realized that I’m the only one in the house who uses this stuff. So I asked around, none of my friends do it either. Is this abnormal of me?

For me, I don’t like the slightly wet feeling I get after a shower. I don’t like how my skin feels rubbing up against clothes like that. I used to just towel dry, then I moved up to towel and hair dryer dry, but it still wasn’t dry enough, especially for…ahem…certain areas.

Somehow I stumbled on to using this after I dry myself and it feels great. I’ve been doing it ever since. Does anyone do this? Should I be worried about some kind of psychological infantilization illness when I do this? Because it feels good and I don’t plan on stopping, ever

I do that during the summer. I live in Dallas. After my son was born, my wife started buying the lavender scented kind. I didn’t notice until my coworkers starting giving me funny looks.

Yes, I do, in all of the areas that tend to have moisture problems. I’ve been doing it since the 1970’s. For a while in the '80’s there was some kind of scare about talc, and people were urged to switch to cornstarch powder. I tried it, but never liked it as much as talc, so I went back. Shortly thereafter, there was some kind of debunking of the dangers of talc thing, so I haven’t really worried about it since.

I also have some problems with fungal infections, and doctors have recommended using talc as a good way to prevent them. Unfortunately, it never seemed to work for me, but I still like using it because it makes me feel clean and fresh.

I don’t know your gender, but I wouldn’t worry about infantilization. All of the major beauty lines for women include powder – generally if you can buy a particular scent in a perfume and body lotion, you can also get the body powder, and these are intended for fully grown women.

I used Shower to Shower many years ago. I stopped using it because the excess floated around the bathroom and seemed to coat everything after awhile.

After a shower on a humid summer day, yes, because otherwise I would feel kind of sweaty when I get dressed.

I love dousing myself with Gold Bond Extra Strength Medicated Powder.
It is wild and refreshing.
Be careful for the nether areas.

I like to dab some in the pits and on the junk after a shower. Especially in hotter weather. Use it in my shoes too.

I’ve never taken a survey, but I think most people use talcum powder after a shower, at least on their body folds, or feet, before pulling on socks. Why wouldn’t they? The drugstore shelves are full of containers of powders, they wouldn’t sell it if people didn’t buy it. Everyone in my house uses it. (Though I know a lot of people who sprinkle it in their boots and shoes, the cornstarch variety is good for that, to absorb moisture and cut down on food odor.) For heavens sakes, stop worrying it isn’t macho or something, I know an ex-Marine who goes through a full container of Johnson’s baby powder a month.

On hot, sweaty days, I do. If I’m working out, I might. Or if I don’t have time to air dry (I love to air dry), I might put it on my nether regions.

Yes, every day. I also use deodorant under my (ahem) large, saggy boobs. Once upon a time, I got a heat rash under my tits and I was miserable. Ever since then, I powder the girls, and the nether bits. And the crack of my ass!

Keeps me much drier. At my age, every day is a hot, sweaty day. (O! How I hate thee, menopause.)

I’ve never done this. I’ve only used scented talc as a young teen. If I’m having a problem with a fungus infection, I do use powder or cream to cure it, but I prefer the cream.

My husband does powder himself after every shower. He says it prevents chafing.

Well I’m a guy but I hear what you’re saying: buy the non-perfumed kind! :wink: I basically just stick to the baby powder by Johnson & Johnson. Smooth enough for a baby’s butt, and my dimpled ass :smiley:

MrAru likes gold bond also, I am not so thrilled with powder, though I do have some with glittery bits in it for fancy occasions. It smells like opium perfume, and I also have an opium scented lotion and cologne. I think it gets overpowering when I use more than one of the items. I don’t like huge perfume stinks.

Huh. Talc is all over the floor of the men’s locker room at the University of Minnesota, I think it’s more common than some think. I use it everyday, especially since I’m a regular bike commuter.

If I haven’t time to wash my hair, I’ll throw some powder on my bangs and give them a fluff. Too much is not good, though!

I can’t think of the last time I saw it in someone’s medicine cabinet (what?). I used it briefly as a teen, all over after showetring. Stopped when it was linked to ovarian cancer. Upon Googling I see that the connection may not be for sure, but it’s been researched enough to give me pause.

Mmmmm, I love the smell of J&J baby powder. Maybe that makes me weird.

I can’t say I’ve ever thought of using it after showers, but I used it quite a bit when I had to wrap my ankles after ankle sprains. It prevented chafing from the wraps. I used Vetrap, which provides more support than the Ace bandages from CVS but doesn’t breathe as well.

I’m curious. Using a towel to dry yourself isn’t enough so you use a hair dryer?

I’ve seen women in the gym use the hair dryer on their lady bits.

A hair dryer is useful to dry hair anywhere it happens to be. Some people have quite a pubic bush, and just toweldrying isn’t enough.