Anyone else watching "Miss Match"?

…and if so, are you anything other than a middle-aged woman?

I’m liking this show. It’s sweet without being cloying (the bartender sidekick has the merest suggestion of edge to her), the plots are more realistic than, say, “Love Boat,” and Alicia Silverstone is well-cast (though I wish they would dump the pouffy hairdo), as is, to my astonishment, Ryan O’Neal. I like that she went out and got laid this week, even though it’s clear that she and the architect are going to end up together. I like that NBC has ceded the 8:00 slot to “Joan of Arcadia” (another show I like, BTW) and moved it back an hour.

It’s the perfect bit of Friday-night piffle.

I am so totally the target audience though, so I’m curious – if you are watching, what’s your demographic?

I’m 36, female, married, no kids. And I like this show.

Thanks DeVena.

And since it now occurs to me that not everyone here has been following every detail of my life with breathless interest:

48, female, single, no kids.

Alicia Silverstone

Oh, 24, M, WAaaay too single :frowning: , No kids:D

Hubby and I are watching it. I enjoy it quite a lot, he likes it enough to watch it. Married, obviously, 32 (me) and 43 (him).


I like it but I also like chick flicks so I guess I’m biased.

Twenty-one, male, chronically single, and no kids.

Another middle-aged female (43, I count that as middle!) checking in as a Miss Match viewer. I was prepared to be annoyed by Alicia Silverstone, as she used to have a signature lip thing that she did, but she seems to have learned a new mouth expression, to my great pleasure. It’s a very cute show.

I am a little disappointed in the legal aspects of it, though. I’d really like it if Darren Star could hire a legal consultant to review his scripts a little more carefully. He’s run into these problems before with Melrose and SaTC. There’s gotta be someone who can help him out on this stuff!

i saw it for the first time last night. i don’t think i’ll be penciling it into my calendar. it was filler to get to the katie curic thing.

But the Katie Couric thing is on “Brotherhood of Poland.” That’s on Wednesdays!


Katie Couric was on last night interviewing the family of the Mormon girl who was kidnapped to be some guy’s plural wife.