Anyone else watching the Marvel "What If" series?

I’m usually not a massive Marvel Cinematic Universe fan, but a good friend is a sound editor/engineer at Skywalker Sound and did the sound for the What If series, so I watched the first couple that have been released so far to give him props and see what all the discussion was about for the past several months. I wasn’t really expecting to be surprised at all.

Turns out, it’s REALLY cool. They basically take a point in some story, and present an alternate timeline where something turned out very differently. It’s all animated, but for the most part, the voice actors are the real actors from the live action movies.

So what do you think? Anyone else watched any of these?

These folks are! :slight_smile:

Well crap… apparently searching for “What if” doesn’t work too well on here.

Yes, “what” and “if” are both search stopwords.

Sometimes putting things in quotes to make them a phrase helps, but not in this case…

What if was one of my favorite comic series back in the day.


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Thanks anyway. I didn’t realize searching for “What if” even in quotes, won’t return values.

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Right–what you have is more of a “splice” tool.

I didn’t even know about the series until this thread. Now I’ll be sure to catch it.

I was done buying comics by the time the What If… title came out but my younger brother still bought them and of course I’d read them. Just to make sure they were appropriate for younger bro. :wink:
Anyway, I remember really liking the What If series. The show does sound cool.

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You’re arguing for keeping discussions threaded. “Keep the order the same” means that posts with earlier timestamps come earlier in the discussion, while posts with later timestamps come later in the discussion. Always do that, and you will, in fact, keep the sequence of the original topic. There will be some other posts in between, but that’s fine, because there are always other posts in between anyway.

Right. But what I think you are underestimating is the importance of sequence; in my experience most posts are replies to the post above them, whether the user indicated that (by pressing the reply button on the appropriate post, or quoting the post) or not. So when you splice a number of posts together purely based on timestamp, it could get weird for readers.

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