Anyone else watching W.I.TC.H.?

Disney TV and I have had a rocky relationship. A love/hate relationship you could say. I still think that Kids Incorporated is the most evil show ever made. But man I loved DuckTales. But by the mid 90s we sent our seperate ways. So when a random post here mentioned W.I.T.C.H. I decided to tune in just to see how bad things could be. Although the artwork looking interesting. Very swords and sorceresshy. But really, not another “girls kick butt, save world, can’t tell anyone” plot, uggh.

But then when I finally sat down to watch it on the DVR I found myself having a good time. Well, says me, I liked Totally Spies too and that was another Disney made show (or rather paid for, at first) based on girls who kick butt, save the world and can’t tell their anyone so maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised. But I like this one much better.

I like that it’s serialized. We’ve got a plot, a goal, development. I like the way Cornelia fights. Irma on her “date” really cracked me up. I really like the humor of the show. Like in the “zombie” episode. The way they all cocked there heads just so when they were possessed. And damn it, I love swords and sorcery. I can’t wait for monday. Any other adults watching it?