Ooh! A heads-up, "The Tick" (animated) coming to Toon Disney

Starting on the 13th. Damn, and my VCR’s broken.

I’ve seen a commercial. Toon Zone says we’ll get about 9 showings a week.

Damn, same time as Adult Swim.

Sweet merciful heaven, this seems to be true:

(search for ‘Tick’ on the page)

I…I don’t know what to say.

Wait. Yes I do.

Not in the face! Not in the face!



Honk if you love justice!

As a proud member of the Mystic Order of Arachnid Vigilance, I am very happy at this news, and can only hope that if it gets good ratings, we might eventually see a DVD set.

But I am also angered that it is the same tiemr as Adult Swim. Although since I have seen every episode of Futurama and Family Guy more times than I could count, I think I can skip them once or twice a week.

This was just the kick in the pants I needed to get a second ReplayTV.

Fire me boy!

Hooray for TiVo!

Once or twice? There’s so many showings they could burn through the entire series once a month if they tried.

I wonder how it ended up on Toon Disney. Kida the last place for it. But I guess it wasn’t adult enough for Adult Swim. But it would have been a perfect lead in. How could they not have been trying to nab it for years? It just looks like it’s right up their alley. But it goes from Fox to Disney? Just odd.

I wonder how it’ll do? It’s between the 80s Spidey and X-Men. Kinda seems a little out of place. In fact nothing in their line up looks like a good partner for this show. Which means it needs word of mouth. Tell your friends!

Oooh. Is it the X-Men from the 90s? I loved that show. I don’t like the current one at all.

Yeah, the '90s X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons were really great, despite occasionally dodgy animation. I think the X-Men show in particular got more people interested in the characters and comics than the more recent cartoon or even the movies. I loved the Spider-Man cartoon, since it tied in so many other characters and elements from the Marvel Universe: Daredevil, Iron Man, Punisher, Dr. Strange, Nick Fury and SHIELD, Blade, Captain America and the World War 2 heroes, Secret Wars with the Fantastic Four, and even the “Clone Saga.” I still say the way they explained Venom for the cartoon would be the best way to introduce him as a villain for a later movie.

Oh, and it’ll be great to see The Tick again. I never cared for the live-action show, but I love the original 12 issues by Ben Edlund and the Fox cartoon series.

Is this the Spider-Man cartoon that was dredged up not too long ago, on ABC Family or Jetix or something like that? Maybe I’m thinking of Spider-Man and Friends

There was a solo Spider-Man cartoon in the '90s that ran during the same time as the X-Men series, and I know ABC Family/Jetix has shown it in recent years. (Dammit, we don’t get that channel where I live nowadays.) There was also a solo Spider-Man cartoon in the early '80s, and the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends series (with Iceman and Firestar) goes back to the early '80s as well.

This is great news! I wish Adult Swim had gotten it, though.

If you like The Tick, check out Venture Brothers on Adult Swim. Ben Edlund had a hand in creating it, although he is apparently no longer connected to the project.

He was credited as a writer on… Careers in Science, if memory serves.

Disney purchased Fox Family Worldwide a couple years back, and with it got the rights to their library (Power Rangers, various other programs). I don’t know if The Tick, which was originally owned by Fox, was part of the deal. (According to the book Disneywar, this was one of Disney’s greatest flops. They wanted to use turn the network into something new for young adults, but if they did that, it would no longer be a “family channel” and would give cable companies a good reason to drop it. So it basically ended up becoming a clearinghouse for old ABC programs, IIRC.)