The new "The Tick" show's website - with videos!!

Hope it doesn’t suck… :smiley:

Mark my words:

Java Devil, you are now My Bitch!

I saw the pilot episode at a local comic shop recently and was suprised by it. It seems to be pretty funny, but I don’t know how long they can keep it up (ala the cartoon). I hope it doesnt suck in the long run neither.

Yes, I too saw the pilot episode - nearly a year ago. A friend of mine works at FOX and brought home a copy. We were warned on penalty of death not to talk about it, but we still were treated to repetitive showings of the tape. I guess it’s OK now that it’s been picked up as a fall series.

I must say I was impressed by the costumes, especially Patrick Warburton’s, but disappointed that Der Fliedermouse and American Maid had been replaced by Bat Manuel and, err… um… (checking website) Captain Liberty. Also, I thought Patrick Warburton sometimes sounded way too much like Chris Farley’s “motivational speaker” character… It wasn’t as cool as the old FOX Saturday morning cartoon, but it was still most excellent. Hopefully they got more money to spend on sets for the rest of the season.

But the closing lines of dialog in the pilot were just f*cking hilarious. I won’t spoil it. Just pay attention!

I’m certainly looking forward to it!



So much for synergy.

I read that the reason why Der Fliedermouse and American Maid were replaced was because Fox animation had the rights to the characters, it looks like they were created for the animated show. So now it is own by Sony, distributed by Columbia, to be broadcast on Fox.

You would think that if the show was broadcast back at Fox, they would use the original names back, but nooooooo.

There is no spoon – Neo – The Matrix

Spooooon!!! – The Tick

mmm…Liz Vassey…