Dear God.
Okay, who knows of the Tick? He made for a really cool comic, and a WICKEDLY funny cartoon. I LOVE that show.
But I just saw a FOX commercial for a LIVE ACTION Tick show. Now for those of you that dont know, the Tick is something like 8 feet tall, really stupid, and nigh invulnerable. He’s also a raving, hilarious idiot.
And they have some guy in a blue plastic suit!@ and a white plastic suit for Arthur!

That’s IT, I’m gonna bomb FOX. Survivor! Temptation Island! When Grass Attacks, XXXVII! So much more! AND NOW THIS!


You do mean a bug bomb, that is one of the best ways to eliminate ticks.

Nonono. You’re missing the point. See, the Tick is the man. I love his cartoon. It’s what Fox is doing to him that’s a disgrace.

I stand by my proposal to destroy FOX.

Patrick Warburton as a giant lumbering buffoon of a SuperHero? I am so THERE!

Once again a joke is lost in the wind. I have seen the show and know what you are talking about. Sorry to have whoshed you, you know if you keep allowing things to go over your head like that you will go bald. :wink:

::note to self, must always use smileys as much as they are abhored.

I have but one thing to say: SPOON!!!

I love The Tick. I have all the episodes on tape, and although the show looks silly I will have to watch it before I judge, although I will prolly be with you on that bombing run.

mmm…Liz Vassey… :smiley: (she’s gonna be in the movie)

deb2world: I thought it was a joke of some kind, but yeah, you wooshed me. Do tell?

Well if you bomb Fox, can you at least make sure that Calista Flockhart is sitting on the bomb first? Oh and you may as well throw in those people who thought “Temptation Island” and “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire” would be good ideas for a tv show.

BTW, I’m sure I’ll end up watching “The Tick.”

A live action Tick show? NO WAY, MISTER. THAT’S JUST WRONG!! (Actually, I’ll take my Tick anyway I can get it.)

This statement contains forward looking pop cultural references:

“Java devil, you are now my bitch!”

Ah, exactly what I need to drive up the price of my limited edition Tick comics…any buyers?

And then he threw a chimney at us!

All I’ve got is #3 (I think) - Ninja Wolrd! (sic)

I’ve got a friend with #1-6(?). He even bought Paul The Samurai, but says it sucks.

Oh, did I digress? sorry…

I just pray that the villin is *The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight.

Work with me dear M friend.

“The Tick” is totally cool, anyone who does not understand is among the great unwashed.

He’s just so… so… NOT the Tick…
I mean, his face isnt even blue and he dosnt have huge, blank, white eyes or an enormous, all-consuming idiotic grin. Those things made the Tick. They were the Tick… I’m so… Lost… Where’s the Tick of yesteryear…

I miss the cartoon. whimpers

Screw the live-action and the cartoon - I’ll stick to the original comics, back when Ben himself was doing them.

“Arthur, you’re not… you know… funny, are you?” Cracks me up! :smiley:


I was all prepared not to like the live-action “Tick” show, but then I learned the woman who’ll be playing Arthur’s sister is someone I’ve played improv with before.

So I’m on board with the new show. I’ve never seen someone I’ve hugged on network TV before.