Spooooooon! On TV?

It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything about the Tick live-action TV show that’s supposedly in the works. They had cast the guy who played Putty (Elaine’s omni-boyfriend)on Seinfeld as our hero, but that’s the last I heard. Anyone know where this stands? Is it on track or have they given up on it?

Oh, c’mon. No one knows anything? I’m bumping this off the second page to give it a chance. And, incidentally, using my 999th post to do it. Stay tuned…

Maybe we could have a red dwarf post-theme party mate?
(and no I’m sorry to say I know nothing of the live Tick - but I await with interest)

According to IMDB, it’s still a go (as a TV movie, anyway) for 2001.

I’ve seen the first 60 or so seconds of the first episode.

Oh, my.

It’s almost perfect.

It’s supposed to debut mid-season on Comedy Central.

It is MIGHTY!!!

My husband saw the pilot when he ahd to record it at work. (He works for the local Fox affiliate.) He says that it was hilarious and as far as he knows, it is still scheduled to debut sometime this fall/winter.

It is my understanding that Fox will use “The Tick” as the first replacement show of the season, which means we’ll probably see it pretty quick…



I love the big blue feller. Personally, I’d like to see him fighting The Crazy Midnight Bomber What Bombs At Midnight, Baby!

The best Tick ever was the loss of Tick’s and Arthur’s arms!