Anyone ever been in a wreck/almost a wreck because of a woman?

Not what you’re thinking.

Today, for the third time in my 20+ years of driving, I almost rear-ended someone in traffic. All three times it was the same situation: I was eyeballing some gal, either in traffic or on the sidewalk, and the vehicle in front of me slowed unexpectedly, with me steadily hurtling forward. All three times, I stopped with about six inches to spare.

So, I wonder. . . Has anyone else has ever been similarly distracted, with bad or almost-bad consequences?

(Today, my intended accident target never even knew. He was fiddling around reading a newspaper or something and never even looked up.)

I once saw a man walk full into a concrete pillar while ‘scoping-out’ an amazingly beautiful woman. It was like something straight out of a cartoon: He was walking as his head swiveled, and when he hit the pillar, he went straight over backwards, out cold.

I laughed so hard I couldn’t stand up. Oh, and yes, ‘Mr. Lookie’ was OK.

I was travelling home, from a pub one night, with my GF at the time, and a mate. He was in the back seat fast asleep, she in the front passenger seat. I hadn’t drunk, but she had, and her merriment combined with the fact that she was a ‘horny little toad’ had put her in a mood of exuberant passion. I won’t go into too much details, except to say, that the injuries to the back of her head, in the ensuing accident were caused by the sterling wheel and the earlier removal of her safety belt.

For some reason at this time, I lost vision for a second or two and drove into the back of a vehicle that had for no reason braked to a halt in front. A third vehicle ran into the back of me (not too sure whether this was through the same reason as our mistake, as the two male occupants of the car ran off, the tell-tale meandering of their gait indicating intoxication). My friend in the back woke up (of course), and was totally confused as to how we had ended up sandwiched between two newly concertinaed cars, and how my GF had somehow been thrown sidewards and through 180 degrees.

The car in front was later written off, as was the one to the rear. It is a testament to the build of Toyota 4WD’s back then, that I drove way from the incident with only an annoying grating sound coming from under the car. A sound later traced to the fact that I had a police bollard stuck under the car (no idea where that came from).

My exhusband almost lost control on one of those twisty mountain roads. You know the kind: sheer cliff face on the inside, sheer drop off to certain death on the other. I have to take the blame for that one, as I was going down on him at the time. (Hey! It was his idea!)

Yup, I’ve been there.

I was driving down a slightly rural NJ road about 5 years ago when all of a sudden I saw this jogger along the side of the road… And I looked, and I looked… and… and…
Well, turns out there was a car in front of me making a left into a driveway. This was only a small two-lane road, and I would normally have to stop and wait for him to turn (there was oncoming traffic). Needless to say, I didn’t see the car and plowed right into it. I was fine, they were fine in the car, but the car was somewhat smushed. :wink:

Oh, and the jogger stopped by to see if I was okay.

Conversely, I walked stumbled into a fellow Chicagoan and nearly knocked them over while observing an OH SO SEXY construction guy working on the Chicago el Stop. I was trying to casually look back over my shoulder at him as if I were looking for that ‘damn train!’, and I was riveted (!) to his jaw, his eyes, that beautiful pouty mouth…and bam.

Walked right into some lady who was standing right on the edge of the platform. She was a little peeved. I considered pleading my case by pointing out the Construction Worker, but decided to keep his beauty for myself.


Women are definetely a driving destraction.

My friend was towing my dad’s ski boat while I was following him in one of my dad’s company trucks. Well these two good looking girls were winking at me so I was like winking back as I looked at them out of my side window. Then I look back at the road and my friend that was pulling my dad’s boat hasd STOPPED!

Well, I plowed right into my dad’s boat in his company truck. The propeller was about 18 inches away from my face. I got out saw the damage to the truck and his boat and decided I better runaway to Mexico NOW. But before I left he happened to drive by and see what his wild son had done. :eek:

My boss from a couple of years ago did this to himself; he was walking to the train stop after work, and had pulled out all of his change to get train fare when he noticed a lovely lady. He stared at her long enough to walk into a waist high turnstyle; to add insult to injury, the change in his hands went spraying and rattling across the tiles so that everyone around him (including the girl) turned to stare at him! (I’m sure he’s much better when he’s driving…)

All together now! [doing my Jayne Mansfield walk—or Divine, if you’re a “Pink Flamingos” fan]

“When she walks by the menfolk stand engrossed—she can’t help it! The girl can’t help it!
When she winks an eye the bread slice turns to toast—she can’t help it! The girl can’t help it!
She’s got a lot of what they call the most—she can’t help it! The girl can’t help it!”

Funny this topic should come up now.Not 15 minutes ago I was waiting for an elevator.The door opened and this CUTIE walked out.I think I spent a little two long enjoying the departing scenery.I turned to walk into the car and went face first into the now closed doors. “ouch”

Sorta kinda. I was a passenger when my grandfather nearly ran into something because he was watching an attractive woman. Grandpa (on my mother’s side) was a real lecher. Fortunately, he had enough scruples to keep his hands off his young female relatives, but we were the ONLY ones he didn’t try to glom on to.

One day, while I was out running, I turned my head to scope out a girl on the other side of the street. I blame her for my running full tilt into a street sign. It knocked the wind out of me and caused a giant purple bruise on my procreational unit which lasted for 2 weeks.

I recall reading a newspaper article that a big billboard advertising the Demi Moore movie “Indecent Proposal,” which pretty much had a nude Demi on it, was causing accidents at a high-traffic corner.

I didn’t wreck my car, but I’m sure it wasn’t happy with me…

You know the way some intersections have those dips that are designed to aim water towards the storm drains? And that if you don’t slow down for them, you scrape all hell out of the bottom of your car?

Well, since you can all see where this is going, let me just say that I was driving, with my father in the passenger seat, and was checking out this hot little thing walking along the street, on the other side of the intersection. Needless to say, I should’ve been watching for these dips, as the neighborhood I was in had 'em at pretty much every intersection. Needless to say, I wasn’t.

Before I knew it, I felt the car dip and SCRAAAAPE the blacktop. I looked sheepishly over at my dad (this was his car, after all), and he was just looking at me and laughing. God I hate being caught in the act… :rolleyes:

I was playing left field in a softball game. I was checking out the 2 lovely gals who were walking parallel to the baseball field, off to the side of the 3rd base line. I remember hearing the sound of the bat hitting the ball, but I never saw the line drive that smacked me in the face. Half my face was red and purple for weeks, but I did end up getting a date with one of the girls I was looking at, even though it was probably out of pity.

I was with my brother about 10 years or so ago in his 78 Civic. Totally rusted out, it had no business on the road. We were driving down a fairly major road and spotted a couple of young ladies walking on the side of the road. We both rubbernecked, of course. I turned my head just in time to see stopped vehicles in front of us and yell “STOP!”. He didn’t have time to stop so he cranked the wheel and drove right into the blvd dividing the roads. He drove the struts right through their shocktowers and put a 3 inch crack through the entire width of the car on the floorboards. It was a write off of course. At least he didn’t hit the people that were stopped though. :slight_smile:

One hot summer day I was once driving down the main street of my old high school town, when I drove past a gas station. A very beautiful young lady stepped out of her car. She was wearing an itty bitty string bikini. GAWK DROOL

In the corner of my vision I see the rear end of another truck approaching. I slam on the brakes, but BAM! I wave the other driver to pull over (all the while, waving my hands to let him know I’m not a threat. He pulls into a side-street and I follow.

He jumps out and starts checking out his truck for damage (there was none). I step out and immediately try to explain. As soon as I began to explain why my attention was diverted, he blurts out, “You were checkin’ her out, too? Why do you think I was stopped?” With that, he then starts checking my truck for damage (none). Then we laughed, shook hands and parted ways.

Two men, united in friendship in the lecherous ogling of a beautiful young woman?

This brought a tear to my eye…