Anyone ever been to a Get Motivated seminar?

They were talking about this on the Daily Show last night. It was the motivational seminar where George W. Bush spoke at in Fort Worth.
They had one of those come through my town a few months back. I remember they had a pretty impressive line-up of speakers - Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Terry Bradshaw. I thought about going, but for the price - only five bucks - I was afraid it might have been one of those deals like a timeshare pitch, where once you get there they try to shake you down for more money.
So has anyone here ever been? What were the speeches like? Do they try to shake you down once you get through the door?

The ones I’ve been to had lots of opportunities to spend additional money on workshops, tapes, books, etc., but I can’t say they tried to “shake me down” any more than walking through a mall is a shakedown.

As far as the speeches go, they usually fall into two categories. One is a traditional motivational speech designed to get you fired up and your blood pumping. The other (probably the one you’re more interested in) is the celebrity personal experience.

I particularly remember one speech from Al Haynes, the captain of UAL Flight 232. He spoke exceedingly well. Some others I’ve heard sounded like they were reading from a phone book.