anyone ever been to Mets spring training?

My company has an apartment in Miami which is about and hour and a half away and I’ve got almost 4 weeks of vacation this year and a round trip ticked is only $90. Thought it would be cool to go see a couple of games, maybe get my DeGrom and Cespedes bobblehead boxes autographed, then party in Miami on Friday night.

What is the best way to get an autograph? Sit behind the dugout?

My experience based on a couple Seattle Mariners spring training games would be during and after warm-ups prior to the start of the game. The players tend to congregate somewhere near the stands to sign autographs. Your star players my not participate in warm-ups if they are not playing that day.

I am not counting on getting autographs. Looking at the calendar the game we would go to is on March 19, Thursday. One week before the opener. Hell, baseball season is almost here! Anyway looking on the website, seats right behind the dugout are sold out. In your experience, are the stands packed for these games? Can you walk down and stand in a section where you don’t have tickets?

Haven’t been to the Mets. But if you’re an adult, it might be very hard to get an autograph for memorabilia. The players try to take care of the kids.