Spring Training Tickets

I’m heading to the Scottsdale, AZ area around March 20th and am hoping to attend some spring training baseball in the area. I’ve never done this and am curious about ticket availability. Should I buy tickets ahead of time, or can I typically just walk up to the ticket window and get tickets?

Any other advice?

I did the same trip a few years ago. Didn’t have any problem getting game day tickets for the Brewers, Reds/Indians, Rockies/Royals (teams that shared facilities if I’m remembering right), Giants, Angels, & wanna say White Sox too. Didn’t try for the Cubs, but I hear that may be the one you’d need to buy ahead of time for, similar to the Yankees and Red Sox in Florida.
BTW, really enjoyed it! The teams are all pretty centrally located in AZ, as opposed to Fla, where you have to drive all over the state, so you can see quite a few teams in one trip. Weather was better than Fla too, IMHO. Have fun!

Oh, and the Dodgers just moved out there too, I think, so I’d guess that would also be a tougher ticket given the relative proximity to LA.

Tickets to spring training games are ridiculously expensive . In many cases, you can see the teak playing regular season home games for lower ticket prices than in the spring training games.

For boxoffice ticket prices, just go to mlb.com, select schedule, choose a game, and click [buy tickets]. Some teams have good seats for around ten bucks, but others are over twenty.

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samclem, moderator

I used to live in Phoenix. The only impossible ticket is the Cubs, and that’ll be even more the case this year since they’ve moved into a new park.

You’d probably want to buy in advance for a nice day on a Saturday or a Sunday, but otherwise you should be fine walking up to the box office.