Getting Cubs Tix if you're from outta town...

Rather than threadjack the “First Cubs Game” thread, thought I’d start one of my own.

  1. I live in Memphis, TN, but I have a friend in Chicago who’s going through the mother of all bad divorces, and could use some cheering up. If I can arrange to take some time off this summer, and head to the Windy City to visit her (and get a genuine Italian beef fix while I’m at it), what’s the best way for an out-of-towner to get some tickets to Wrigley? Is the website ok, or is there a better way? Prefer not to deal with scalpers; I’m anal-retentive and prefer having the arrangements in place before I get to the ballpark.

  2. I’m a native St. Louisan, which means (of course) I’m a Cards fan. The ultimate Chicago visit would include a Cards-Cubs game at Wrigley. How far in advance does one have to buy those tickets? I realized I’m probably hosed for getting any this season, but I can start planning for 2010…



There are still tickets available for the Thursday, April 16th game against the cardinals. All of the other games only have only single seats or are sold out. If you want to get tickets for next year’s cardinals game, it’s best to try to get them at when they go on-sale next February.

Thanks for the suggestion! I doubt I’ll be able to get time off from work for the 4/16 game, but I’ll plan for 2010.