Anyone ever owned one of these expensive toasters? Is it worth it?

Dualit 4-Slice Toaster, Chrome

$ 320 for a 4 slot toaster seems kind of pricey, but maybe the quality makes it worthwhile.

They tend to be for proffessional use, B+B’s and such like

Get a toaster oven. You can make other things besides toast in it, and you don’t have to cram your bagels inside, only to have to dig them out with a knife. You can also see the progress of your toast, so there’s less chance of having it burn. I love my toaster oven!

My ex-brother-in-law has one. He and his wife would swear by it, but I suspect that was because they needed to to feel good about having a $320 toaster. Afterall, the Queen of England has one so it must be great, right?

BTW, that’s the toaster I always say I want when I finally convert SkipMagic.

I’ve searched far and wide for a toaster that actually does what it’s supposed to do: brown whole grain bread evenly in one go. I even posted a thread looking for recommendations and all I got were people pimping toaster ovens, which I don’t want. I can’t find any consumer comparison reports for plain old toasters anywhere, either.

While this doesn’t answer your question, it may save you some futile search efforts.

Well, based on the Amazon reviews that’s exactly what this toaster can do and does consistently. This toaster is your answer. The question now becomes, just what a slice of properly toasted bread, delivered consistently, is worth to you? You’ve caught the toaster truck you were barking after, and now that you caught it, what are you going to do with it? Buy it or pass… are you on the edge… or on the verge?

Hmmm…let’s see…$320 or the energy required to reach out and press the lever down for a second time…I’m gonna buy one!

Do you have a link to the review?

For that price you should be able to get a pro unit that has a conveyor belt, and toasts from top and bottom, to toast open face sandwiches as well.
Lots of company cafeterias have them. Quizno’s Subs has huge ones.

The amazon link in the OP has a link to the reviews at the bottom

Cust reviews

I have a Dualit I got at Target for ~$50. It’s only two slice, but they are nice wide slots for bagels or handcut bread. It works the best of any toaster I’ve ever had.

You got this at Target? I have never seen Target carry this style much less at $50.00.

Is yours a different model?

If your were gonna spend a couple hundred bucks anyhow, I think you’d do better to buy a real restuarant toaster like these.

Used restaurant equipment is readily available in most cities and over ebay with a little hunting.

The worst choice is the so-called “gourmet” equipment which is usually a consumer-grade product with an industrial-grade price but a very snooty name.

Dualit is practially commercial grade. They are quite popular in B&Bs because they stand up to heavy use.

I use the exact same Dualit model at work all the time. It’s fine but it doesn’t work any better than my $20 home toaster. It is nice-looking though.

For that price, it had damn well better run UNIX.

Oops. I got confused. My toaster is a Delonghi, it’s my kettle that’s a Dualit.

The taking twice as long to toast your bread part also helps with the not-burning. Seriously, I don’t think I could wait long enough for toast to burn in a toaster oven.


I bought my wife a 2-slot T-Fal toaster last Christmas for about $70 at Sam’s Club. It does EXACTLY what it says it will do but you MUST READ THE MANUAL! The thing actually has a computer chip in it and it “adjusts” (within reason) to the type of bread being toasted. I don’t think she’s actually burned a piece of toast in it yet.
(Yes, the slots are wide enough for bagels, etc.)

The Slashdotter crowd may very well be working on that.

If that doesn’t happen, expect to see the toaster modded and used for a case.

I think my sister has a Dualit, left over from her days as a Williams-Sonoma worker. Me, I just toast my bread in the oven. It’s yummy.