Is there a toaster that actually toasts what you put in it?

I would like a recommendation for a toaster that actually turns bread-like substances brown on their surfaces. Not just on one side; not just on one edge; not just a quarter of the surface. One that actually makes, you know, toast on the first try without having to push the goddam thing down two or three times or turn the bread over to get the other side done.

I’ve got this thing that looks like it ought to have a steering wheel and tires. It does bagels (on a special setting that heats up one side to flamethrower heat) and crappy white bread-like substance very well. But muffins or whole grain bread in one application? Fergit it.

I don’t want a toaster oven. Anybody have any luck with a particular brand?

There is a new (Black and Decker?) twin-slot air convection toaster that looks like just the ticket for you matey. I’ll do a search on it and come back in a tick.

Well if you don’t want a toaster oven, I don’t know what to tell you. I used to not want one, I thought they were silly. But they are so much better at toasting bread! And bagels, and waffles and anything else!

Maybe I’ll have to rethink it. We don’t eat any of the frozen “food” that requires a toaster oven, but if I can just get a decent piece of brown bread, maybe it’s worth it. Do you have a model in mind?

IMHO, DeLonghi brand toasters are superior to all others.

Available in fine retail establishments throughout the world…and not very expensive either.

I’ve also got a toaster oven (old Black & Decker) and find it much more multi-purpose than any toaster I’ve ever known. I use it not only for toast, but also for things like tuna melts and defrosting bagels (good ones from my favorite Jewish deli/bakery, not Sara Lee. They are just as good frozen, defrosted, and toasted as they are fresh).

I don’t eat frozen food, either, unless it’s stuff I cooked myself and put up in the freezer. Well, there is an exception for ice cream. Especially Ben & Jerry’s. But you don’t have to heat that.

Another toaster oven devotee here. They’re so much better for warming up leftovers than a microwave. Things don’t get soggy or dry out. Heats more evenly too.

Another thing is the hot dogs. You can put them on the broil feature and they taste like they came off the grill minus the charcoal flavor.

Eva Luna: Tuna Melts, mmmm. I know what I’m having for lunch today.

Lady Ice is right on about warming things up. The toaster oven is much better. I even use the oven in conjuction with the microwave for some foods. I start them off in the microwave and them move them to the oven to finish them off. It’s especially useful for frozen foods (which sounds like doesn’t apply to you) but is also good for things like leftover pizza.

Hot dogs. mmmmmm Tuna melts mmmmmm. I have to agree with Quiznos, sandwiches are better toasted. No comparison.

We have a simple Black and Decker - one of the cheapest out there. It just says "Toast-R-Oven/Broiler"on it.

You don’t need to use frozen foods either. I live with my SO, and its quite often much more convenient to cook in the toaster oven than in the larger oven. Pork chops, chicken breasts, whatever. It heats up fairly quickly, and cooks evenly. And we don’t get all that extra heat in the kitchen that we do when we use the regular oven.

We splashed out and got a T-fal Avante Deluxe 4 slot toaster. It not only toasts things so toastily that we had to turn the setting down from darkest where our old cheap toaster had been permanently lodged in a vain attempt to do more than warm bread, but it has the coolest feature I’ve ever seen on a toaster - little jiggle levers to help pop the toast out if it sticks. They wiggle the baskets the toast sits in, and lo, most of the time it pops right out. I am in love with this toaster, inasmuch as one can be in love with kitchen appliances. Also, you can set each set of two slots to a different darkness, which makes getting breakfast ready much more straightforward.

This is exactly what is sitting on my counter as we speak, the miserable little shit. I like the bagel feature and the popup assist, but the toasting ability beyond plain white bread (which we rarely eat) is hopeless, even on highest setting. I’m now leaning towards either the DeLonghi or a toaster oven.

I love my toaster oven. I often am only cooking for one or two when I cook. The toaster oven is perfect for a couple of baked potatoes or 3-4 biscuits. Also, I like to butter or garlic or cheese my toast and it just doesn’t work in a pop-up toaster.