Anyone ever use a Stadium Pal or any other non-medically necessay external catheter?

What were your experiences like? Would you recommend the use of an external catheter to your friends and members of your family?

David Sedaris gave the Stadium Pal a rather negative review. But he is a humorist and appeared to be just going for laughs in his review. I am looking for the experiences of the regular folks.

Know that this is a resurrected thread, about four years old, before you reply.

I can hear his voice in my head:

Thanks, Stadium Pal!

I read somewhere once (there ought to be an internet acronym for that - IRSO>/<) that senators use them (sheath catheters, not stadium pals, particularly) to get through filibusters. Gave me a whole new respect for politics.

The >/< means I more or less believe it.

And when the drinks go down its only a matter of time before someone needs to break the seal…

That’s a euphemism I’ve never heard. Thanks, Stadium Pal!

"The Stadium Pal is a great gift . . . " I’ll say! Christmas is taken care of this year!

DAD and BRO: Oooh, it’s a . . . what is it?
JODI: It’s a Stadium Pal!
D&B: A what?
JODI: A Stadium Pal! A non-medically necessary external catheter! You wear it like a condom, you know, if a condom was attatched to several feet of plastic tubing and a baggie of pee around your calf!
D&B: . . . .

It could come in very handy for festivals. If you want to get up close, you have to get there early and wait for a long time. And if you need to visit the bathroom, it’s nearly impossible to get back to your spot. I could definitely see getting one if someone I really wanted to see was going to only play a huge festival.

Yanno, after reading about this possibly great dining adventure, I really would want to try it if I ever hit the lotto. However, there’s no way I could get through something like that without a restroom available. The Stadium Pal could make it a reality after all! And no, I’m not being facetious (well, no more than it being an unreal chance that I’d even hit on a scratch-off, but I digress…), this is so how I’d fix the problem. Awesome dude!

That and lotsa good smellin’ perfume. I think I’d finally have to use something beyond my Love’s Baby Soft.

Eternal thanks to 2.5, who’ll now be entitled to some of any of my future winnings. As long as I get to hang out on the crane in the sky!! :slight_smile: Appetizers (and facilities) on me! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

First time I tried it the urine backed up in the catheter like a balloon causing a lot of pain and bleeding. It wouldn’t fill the bag even when standing straight up. fortunately I was in the rest room and immediately opened the drain valve which sholved the problem ( was still in pain and bleeding for 2 days).

Company says you need to keep the bag sides from touching because it causes some vacuum issues. Also, need to put 1" of water in it first this should help keep the sides from touching. I tried it in the shower and it didn’t work.

Started with the bag empty and all air removed then used the shower to fill it with water. The 1000ML bag would only take 200ML of water before it would fill with air and start backing up again. Company is trying to make good be sending me different model but I would like to know why so many positive remarks when we all pee the same way. Would also like to know why these tips aren’t included in the instructions.

I’m curious to know how a urine backup could cause bleeding.

The external catheter is self-adhesive, so if you try to pull it off too quickly, that could cause some skin damage.

Just carry youir golf club with you!

As it backed up I couldn’t see any reason why it wasn’t draining so I continued to pee and the back pressure caused a sharp pain inside and a little bleeding for a few days.

It interesting that if you visit their web site all of the reviews are positive and the negative review I gave them isn’t shown.

To be more specific the bleeding and pain came from inside the Urethra.

They wouldn’t display the negative review I gave them either, and I’m quite angry about it because I had a terrible experience as well.

Like you I had a problem with a vacuum forming, and I had bleeding too. I had bleeding and a ruptured testicle, which eventually had to be surgically removed.

Unfortunately, the other testicle became infected, and then eventually necrotic, so that had to be cut away also.

I don’t want to bore you guys with all the details of my malpractice lawsuit, so I’ll just summarize by saying that the doctor cut away too much, and as a result I had to have gender reassignment surgery.

Following that of course, was years of intensive, painful therapy. But all the counselling and medication couldn’t stave off the madness.

In the end I lost my marriage, my kids, my job (my entire career, actually), and my life savings. I have nothing.

Thanks A LOT Stadium Pal.

A number of soaring pilots use them. Usually routing the tube out the the gear doors. Results are quite mixed, leakage issue being the common failure mode. I never tried one…I always thought my rather extreme dynamic range would be problematic, even if it were not so cold at altitude.

Maybe your lawsuit should also require they post ALL reviews/remarks and stop hiding the negative ones, and the instructions should include some of the What IF’s situations. They are supposed to be sending me some with a different design (so they knew the old one had problems) The new one is supposed to have ridges or compartments so that you don’t end up with a vacuum problem.
I want to use mine on long group motorcycle rides, but so far I can’t trust there system to work 100% of the time.

That’s an excellent idea. If I still had a phone I would call my lawyer immediately.