Anyone experienced with IE favorites?

I’m finally organizing about 200 assorted websites into folders, but I can’t find a way to move more than one at a time, which is kind of tedious. How do I move a bunch at a time? Thanks in advance.

Go into the File Explorer. The Favorites folder should be under the Windows folder. Open that folder up and drag and drop your favorites as you like.

I think MBS means Windows Explorer, I’ve never heard of file explorer. Just hold down the ctrl button while selecting the files to move.


Right click on the Start button and choose “explore”.

Yeah. Or shift. If you have a bunch files and you click the first, then hold shift, and click the last, it’ll select all of them. Then use control to un-select any that you don’t want. Useful if you want to move all or most of a group.

Windows Expolorer
Expand C:
Expand Windows
Expand Favorites ( has a little blue IE sysomble on ther folder in 98)
Then left click on the Favorites folder to show all contents on the right.
(make sure ‘VIEW’ is set to list details from the tool bar ) ( works best for me )
Now you have all the folders on the left and all the contents on the right including all the folders. Just scroll down to the un-orginazed list of url’s and drag and drop one at a time or in bunches… add folders in the normal manner etc.

Favorites are stored under each user’s profile in WinXP, 2000, and NT. The specific location can vary, so it’s simplest to go to Start|Run and type %userprofile%\favorites to get to yours.