Anyone experiencing slow delivery from

I ordered two tapes a month ago (both “usually ship within 24 hours”). So far, each week, the delivery is scheduled for the next week.

It could be just that they’re new releases and that there are supply problems, or that it’s just the time of year and everything is slow.

Anyone else???

Yeah. I ordered something a week ago that didn’t ship until yesterday. I bet it’s just a high rate of holiday orders. I’m also willing to give them a break since I’ve never had a single problem with them before. A month does seem like a long time, though. Have you e-mailed them for an update or reason?

Actually… I got something today that I ordered about Nov 18… and they said it wouldn’t come till like Dec 12 at the earliest cuz I am using the regular post shrugs Maybe they had huge orders of it and didn’t get them in or something so they could send it.

I’ve got a serious Amazon jones, but in the past year+ of ordering, I’ve never had to wait more than a couple of days for delivery of something that was listed as ‘in stock’ on the web site.

That said, we’ll see how long it takes the Peugeot peppermills I ordered yesterday to get here…

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Money saving tip: if you live in the Philly/S. Jersey/Del. area, select postal delivery rather than UPS ground or 2-day air. Your shipment will actually arrive sooner.

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I’ve been having trouble with them too. Most recently they said they shipped a package on 11/24 and would take 3-7 days. It’s now the 8th and I still haven’t seen anything. Apparently there are no tracking numbers and I can’t get through to anyone to start looking for it.

I ordered a copy of an obscure Akira Kurosawa film, and after nearly a week of waiting for it to be delivered to my mom for her birthday, I got an E-mail from them explaining that it would be another 1-2 weeks before they could ship it.

This was not good news the day before her birthday (December 7th), so I cancelled. I won’t be going back.

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I ordered 3 items on the Sunday the 3rd. One was shipped on the 4th and the other two were shipped on the 6th.

I will report back if I don’t get my boxes next week!

I have never had trouble getting items from Amazon. I have had to wait on newly released DVDs because the release date was changed.

Yup, I’ve got the same thing happening (and one is part of my gift for my Secret Santa Person!).

Another tip: don’t order the gift wrap. I got a pricy (for me) book set from Amazon, which I had wrapped and delivered to my sister. She got the completely wrong book, without my card, either. Moreover, they haven’t helped me straighten things out, since they have no record of my sister returning the wrong book. It’s a total pain, and a waste of $40!

I recently ordered a CD box set and got it within 4 days. One of the discs was scratched, I reported it, and got a replacement within 5 days. Of course, they forgot the return postage label. I reported this and they said it would 1-2 WEEKS! Not a problem to me, of course, since I have a new copy.

Other than a mild rant about an unrelated problem (airing now in the Pit!), I’ve continued to have good luck. I wanted an academic book (from an academic press, not obscure, but we’re not talking Random House, either) and stopped by our local Borders to order it. They told me it would be 4 weeks given the holidays. So I went the Amazon route, ordered it along with a bunch of other stuff, and got it in about 7 days.

I’ve had a lot of problems with Amazon, and so has my dad. He ordered a portable FM radio from them, and then cancelled it after 2 weeks of no shipment. I told him to check - he ordered it at 10 PM and it was on his doorstep next day. And Outpost has no shipping charge. I ordered a couple of MST3K videos from them, and I waited so long for one of them to ship that they finally cancelled it, telling me they couldn’t ship it. I waited 2 weeks for the other ones before I cancelled them and bought them direct from Rhino - and two of those arrived today, and the rest should be shipping soon, I hope.

I just ordered a book, Signs of Sexual Behavior & it came (pardon the pun) two days ago, on time.

I ordered an ‘in stock’ book in october, forgot about it, and got an email 2 weeks ago saying that they were having delivery problems and would try again. I got it yesterday.

I dunno if that counts.

I’ve never had any shipping problems with Amazon at all and I probably order from them twice a month (One-Click is worse than crack!). I ordered a present for Mr. Twiddle on Friday and it came yesterday. I did have a problem for a while with them rejecting my credit card for no reason, but I just ended up creating whole new account, and everything has been fine since then.

I know they have different distribution points, and I’m in No. Cal. so maybe the fufillment center out here is more on-top-of it than the one for where you are…

i ordered a cd. after a week i emailed amazon when it did not appear. i got an answer the next day and the cd the day after.

i have noticed that it does depend on which dist. warehouse the item(s) ship out of. some are better and faster than others.`

They used to be faster - most of the time now, for in-stock items, I wind up waiting a week or more, even ordering second-day delivery.

Hubby ordered a CD that was supposedly in stock - a week later, got an email saying it would be available in 1-2 weeks - then a couple weeks after THAT, an email saying “whoops! we can’t get it after all! so sorry!”. Aggravating, because it wasted a whole month waiting. At least the cc was never billed.

Their out of print service, IME, sucks big time. They’ve never been able to locate anything for me. Bibliofind, though, is great for out of print books.


Well, I ordered several CDs and books (some for christmas, some for myself) on November 19. Thought I was doing very well by getting some holiday shopping done early.

Estimated Delivery: December 14 - January 3. Gee, that helps.

Otherwise, I’ve rarely had problems. I’m chalking it up to holiday traffic.

I put in a mixed order (book, DVDs, CD) about two days ago, and just got an email saying that all but the CD had shipped. It’s a recent and very popular release, so I can understand that. (at least it’s the one part of the order that’s for me, and isn’t so urgent)