Recent Amazon Screw-ups

Anybody notice Amazon screwing-up a lot, lately?
Missed releases, late shipping, damaged merchandise, late shipoment of damaged merchandise…like that?

My last three “same day delivery” orders didn’t get delivered the same day–which sort of defeats the whole idea. And it’s not just that they weren’t delivered on time, it’s that they sent me an email saying “delivery attempted” which is a lie. I don’t know if the drivers are given too many shipments to finish by 9PM or if they can’t find a parking spot near my apartment complex or what. No excuse really as far as I’m concerned. Don’t offer the service if you can’t fulfill your promise.

The upside is that I’ve got an extra month of Prime for each late delivery. Knowing how unreliable their service is, I plan on continuing to request same day delivery…I might end up having free Prime membership for life!

In our area, northern NJ, they were advertising jobs on the radio a few weeks ago, maybe it’s newly hired workers?

They are in the process of opening several huge distribution centers in the area.

Amazon Logistics contracts with local delivery companies. I would imagine quality varies widely.
Amazon Flex allows individuals, using personal vehicles, to make deliveries.
I’m sure the vast majority have no idea how to perform as a delivery person.

I think Amazon should have their own internal service. Consistent training, uniformed employees, branded vehicles and accountability.

I don’t use Prime, but their performance on my orders over the last 6 months has been flawless. UPS delivers the stuff within the promised range of days in good condition and the box contains what it’s supposed to.
And so far no bobcats.

We’ve used Amazon(no Prime) since 2005/15-20 orders a year. Only one late delivery and that was entirely USPS.
One wrong order. 3 DVDs turned into a coffeemaker and 2 boxes of mixed flavor coffee pods. Had the replacement DVDs in 47 hours from the time the wrong delivery arrived.

Our last three deliveries were by Amazon Logistics. Despite the stories I’ve seen online, these went fine. The driver will take a picture of the packages where they were left.

I spoke a bit too soon. Just remembered that a couple months ago I did have one order go a little awry.

I ordered a toilet flush handle assembly for a Toto toilet. So the usual handle, the fitting that goes through the hole in the tank side and clamps on, and the ~12" metal rod that will extend out over the center of the tank. It’s packaged as one complete unit in a protective plastic bag; it can’t be disassembled. I needed the genuine factory part since all the “one-size-fits-some” crap at the local big box store didn’t really work.

Anyhow I received a 3" cubical cardboard box with the flush handle & pivot inside and 10" of the flush rod and shredded plastic bag sticking out a hole crudely chopped into a corner of the box. WTF? It’s not like Amazon lacks for boxes 3" square by 12" long.

The goods were undamaged, but it sure looked weird. I later bought two more flush handles and they came properly packaged in a larger box.
I short-circuit a lot of the potential last-mile delivery problems by having all my stuff shipped to my local UPS store. The clerks there sign for it and hold it until I pick it up. So no concerns about weather, theft, or drivers unable or unwilling to get to my door. It’s a mild PITA, but given the fact I’m often gone for several days, our door is fairly exposed to the public and the weather, and we’re prone to torrential rains and high winds here, having my deliveries go someplace guaranteed secure and dry is a necessary evil.

My first internet purchase was on Amazon in 1997. I’ve had Prime for a few years now. I have honestly been nothing but delighted with Amazon since I’ve been using them and I love Prime.

Just an “often bought together” recommendation that, upon arrival, turned out to not at all be compatible with each other. And cannot be returned.

As a Prime member, I’ve been pretty happy up until recently, but I ordered five items last Thursday and all 5 will be at least a day late.

Has anybody held Amazon’s feet to the fire over their “Guaranteed Delivery Date” thing yet?
I’m starting to want to complain.

You can call, chat or leave email feedback on the order if it shows up late. When they fail on same-day or 2-day deliveries I ask them to credit an extra month on my Prime membership. I’ve gotten 6 months of “free” Prime in the last 2 years. I suppose there’s probably a limit on how many free months they’re willing to give, but I haven’t reached it yet.

Yes, I’ve written them to express concern. The last few weeks have seen multiple late Prime deliveries, orders hanging in a status where they can’t be cancelled but aren’t shipped, receiving items I didn’t order, delivery dates different on different simultaneous messages to me, and lack of response to emailed inquiries (including no response to the request that they extend my Prime for an item that never shipped and other items that were late).

I order quite a bit on Amazon. Since I’ve gotten Prime, I take total advantage of it. I have no problem ordering a bottle of vitamins or something by itself. I can’t recall anything ever being late. I don’t really pay attention though so it’s very possible that it’s happened. I’ll pay closer attention in the future for some extra free months.

Happy, frequent Amazon purchaser for many years, and for the first time the other day they messed up an order. No biggie — a nice wool hat rather than the pack of balloons I had ordered (?!) — but I did take notice (actually, I’m still impressed they mess up so rarely).