Anyone familiar with the Praxis II: Language, Literature and Composition? (test 0041)

Suppose one has a bachelor’s in English earned 10 years ago, and can only hazily recall specific authors and their works. Suppose also that when it comes to grammar and textual analysis and so on, one would have no problem on the Praxis II. Suppose, in other words, that the only things one will have difficulty with are questions about specific authors or the history of literature, asked without providing relevant samples of the author’s work.

Suppose all that, and suppose one is to take the test on March 12th.

Is it at all plausible that one might pass the test?

Must one take a crash course in literature? Need one read a thousand novels between now and then? Can one study for this over the course of two months, or does one need to have this stuff ready to hand in one’s mind already in order to have a hope of passing the test?

And other related questions.

It appears to be a test of comprehension, not recall.

No, sample questions 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and 13 all require (or in some cases are strongly helped along by) recollection of specifics about particular authors and works.

Oh, sure … base it on the questions I didn’t read. :wink:
Sorry about that.