Anyone for a game of Nomic?

Nomic is a game of self-amendment. In short it’s a game about making rules for a game. The participants make up the rules and vote on them as they go along.

The game was invented in 1982 by Peter Suber. You can read about it at his site here.

I have created a site for our game (which we could name Straight DopeaNomic).

Are there any takers?

Zev Steinhardt

Definitely. Do we need to wait for a minimum number of players? You decide.

Why not start now? Here’s my first proposed rule:

Rule 301

New players may join the game by posting to the thread started by zev_steinhardt on the Straight Dope Message Board and expressing interest in joining.

What’s your vote on the subject Mikie?

Zev Steinhardt

I vote to adopt the above Rule 301.

I say we accept the rule, but I don’t think I’m actually in the game yet. If the rule is accepted, then I am, so… this is confusing. I think Pure Nomic (basically, starting with no rules) might be easier.

OK, I updated the site. I suppose it’s your turn now.

Zev Steinhardt

Nope, but now you’re in the game. Maybe the next rule should cover just when a person is eligible to vote… :slight_smile:

Zev Steinhardt

Count me in. I’ve played, but only informally.

And I suggest whoever has the current turn proposes to amend rule 201 to change from “surname” to “user name”. >_<

May I just watch?

I’m not certain I’m clever enough to remember all the rules.

After reading the rules, I think I’d like to play, but the actual experience may make me rethink that. Anyway, if I can I’d like to try to amend a rule, for the sake of brevity:

Rule 201 [amendments] Players shall alternate in clockwise order, taking one whole turn apiece. Turns may not be skipped or passed [unless skipped as described below], and parts of turns may not be omitted. All players begin with zero points. In mail and computer games, players shall alternate in alphabetical order by [user]name. [Once 24 hours have passed since a player’s turn has arisen, the Judge will attempt some sort of communication to notify the player that their turn has come. If 24 hours pass after that notification and the player still has not used their turn, the player’s turn is skipped and that player loses 10 points.]

Hey! I’d like to give it a go…if there’s still room.

Rule 37: Each rule may consist of only one rule. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh geez. Ya go to sleep for a mere six hours… :smiley:

I think it’s my turn. Or not. Huh?

OK, I think I may have started this out without enough pre-planning.

So, I’d like to pass several things by acclimation:

  1. Firstly, we start again
  2. We adopt the change that Achernar suggested
  3. Any players added after the initial set of players is determined will be added to the bottom of the list.
  4. The initial set of players will consist of those who have posted to this thread and expressed an interest in playing before midnight tonight (12:00AM on 8/11/2003).

I would also like to keep an email list of players (because eventually we’ll have to move off this board). So, if you’re interested, please post here and email me at

Zev Steinhardt

So far, by my count, we have:
(I think)
Ellis Dee
and myself, of course…

Anyone else?

Zev Steinhardt

In that case, I’d also like to suggest that we drop everything from the rules that doesn’t apply to our game, for simplicity. 201, 202, and 210, I believe, are all.

I’m in.

I’ll read the rules after I’ve commited myself. :smiley:

Hey, Zev. I’ll join, being fully aware of your awesome game-administrating superpowers.

OK, I’ve updated the site with our current list of players and made the minor changes to the rules that were suggested above.

I have emails from TJDude825 and BraheSilver. I also know Treviathan’s email address from another game of mine that he is currently playing in. I still need email addresses from the rest of you. (Yeah, I could take it from the profile, but not everyone’s is up to date…)

Archenar, if no one with a username “earlier” than yours shows up before midnight, feel free to propose the first rule (301) after that time.


My email address is both current and in my profile, zev, and I’d like to play (been a while since I got involved in a dig like this at all).

iampunha at netscape dot net (I’ve seen people spelling 'em out before … to ward off spam catchers, I believe).