Anyone get an an enema lately?

Anyone get an an enema lately? If so, how was it?

I’ve wanted to get one for many years due to the nice feeling it might involve though recently I’ve read it may affect gut flora.

Given some. Milk and Molasses. Um Um Good.

Just remember, the enema of your enema is not your friend.

Not as exciting as the finger up the balls/cough thread or the prostate examination thread.

No, but G Dubbya B showed up at the funeral for 6 police officers in Dallas in a purple suit and danced.
Maybe he thinks that whole town needs an enema?

Great thread title/OP name combo. :eek:

It wasn’t bad.

I had two in the last year- one for a colonoscopy and one for constipation.

The colonoscopy prep had me pooping about 20 times in one day. It was not painful or crampy or uncomfortable even. It was just “time to go” in two sets of about 10. I would recommend a lubricated wipe for this- water, baby oil, etc., due to the high number of wipings needed.

I also took a Fleet’s Enema (or something similar) in the last year. That wasn’t any big deal either. I felt much better afterwards, too.

I had been taking a medication that had constipation as a side effect. I administered the enema myself at home. It was only a small amount of liquid- less than 12 ounces I think. It worked within about 30 minutes. I pooped two or three times and felt much better after.

Yay for pooping! It’s something you don’t think about much, but goes from boring non-topic to crisis at an alarming rate.

It was a complete washout.

People tend to die from not being able to poop.

Before that happens, usually some poor nurse gets to put on gloves and manually dig it out or give “enemas until clear.” People wind up in hospitals all the time for FOS (full of shit.)

I get the feeling that you or someone you know has been that poor nurse a time or two.