Have you ever had an Enema?

Nice? Painful? Salty?

I was at my GrandMa’s yesterday, and saw one on the shelf in the Loo. My first reaction was “Eewww…”, but then I remembered reading somewhere that some people get off on them, so maybe they’re kinda nice in some way.


You don’t drink them !!!


I had to have one, once. And I can’t for the life of me understand how anybody could enjoy it. Apart from the embarassment, I virtually exploded after thirty seconds, and then had cramps for half an hour before another explosion. :frowning:

I had to have a complete bowel prep before some tests on my kidneys a few years ago. The enema wasn’t nearly so shitty (both literally and figuratively) as the saline laxative that started the process. It was awkward to self-administer, to say the least, but it was no worse than the rectal exam my gyno does every year and the stomach cramps weren’t nearly so severe as I’d had previously.

Keep in mind that some people are sick and twisted and enjoy having things stuffed up their asses and stomach cramps. I, however, am not one of those people. I daresay Granny isn’t either; the elderly often have constipation issues and fiber pills, etc. don’t always work.

My life is riddled with enemas, but none of them are sexual in nature. If I were to hazard a guess though, i think the appeal of them in a fetish sense is the control/humiliation factor as well as the warmth and fullness you feel from having that warm liquid filling your bowels.

From what I understand it’s used a lot in BDSM practice to prepare the way for plugs or toys or peen.

Yes, when I was little I used to get badly impacted and my parents would administer enemas to loosen things up.

All I can remember about it was that it was excruciatingly painful. In fact the whole ordeal was quite traumatic for me. :frowning:


Then I unleashed a barium geyser that put the fear of God into every two and four legged animal with six blocks. Seriously, you’d think the doctors had shoved an M-80 and a dairy cow up my butt.

Thanks. Now I have to clean chewed lettuce and salad dressing off my monitor.

Last night I drank a whole bottle of Magnesium Citrate, lieu, you would have been proud of the lemony liquid tub-girl type geyser my ass released. Luckily, my husband is out of town so our romantic view of each other is still intact :smiley:


Just for fun?

holy hell no. I can’t poop when I’m away from home, so I get backed up when I go away on vacation.

I’ve had them before both kids were born and before surgeries. I don’t know what type of enemas you people are talking about with the comments here but the ones I’ve had were very small and not at all difficult to administer. Yes, after a few minutes you have to sit on the loo for about 10 minutes but it certainly wasn’t an ordeal.

I got constipated a couple times when I was a kid, and had to have an enema to clear out the works. The last time it happened (I must have been ten or so) I passed a stool the circumference of a softball. Compared to that, the enema was a walk in the park.

The only one I’ve had was before my son was born. Didn’t get one before my daughter was born. Didn’t know why I was getting it, except they said I had to. My water had broken, but labor hadn’t started, so they gave me an enema and once the whoosh was over, labor started right up with a vengeance.

Lady friend and I gave one to each other just for the fun of it. Felt good. Good clean fun. No pain. The clean feeling lasted about two days.

Kittenblue, I had the same experience, in the same order as you (none with my daughter, but had one before my son)! (Sorry, thought that was cool.)

I have one in my linen closet that I bought in advance of my first anal sex experience, but it was not used or actually needed then. But just in case, I would not hesitate to use it. The smaller ones are quick and easily “applied” and “discarded.”

Colonoscopy. Enough said.

When the doctor will let me, I always choose to clean myself out via several enemas instead of through the powerful laxatives before a colonoscopy (or similar procedure.)

If I’m relatively healthy, I don’t find them uncomfortable at all. Maybe slight cramps, but nothing major.

I’ve had to give myself one and it was no big deal. The nozzle is smaller than a doctor’s finger and the, um, release, is less traumatic than a dry, constipated movement.

My main concern was where the warnings said that if you give yourself an enema and don’t have to poop, then you’d better get yourself to a hospital ASAP. Like I don’t have enough to worry about when the doc is going to be reaching eleven feet up my ass the next day.

Why would anyone give themselves an enema when consuming a bag of diet candies with manitol and/or sorbitol gives the exact same effect? The warning label states “Over consumption may have a laxative effect.” MAY have? Ex-Lax has nothing on those little demons (and they are a lot tastier).