Anyone get cluster headaches?

I’ve been to numerous doctors recently about headaches that I’ve been experiencing. But each doctor gives a different diagnosis. One said cluster headaches. One said migraines. One said sinuses. And my annoying gynecologist said “It’s just stress. Take a Tylenol.”

The problem, apparently, is that my symptoms don’t exactly fit any of the above. Cluster headaches seem the most likely, but mine aren’t only on one side and I don’t get any sort of runny nose/watery eye symptoms.

If anyone has been diagnosed with cluster headaches, what were your symptoms? And how are you being treated for them?

I have cluster headaches. They are usually on one side or the other often causing my eye on that side to water. Occassionally they are bilaterally. I will frequently be awakened by them. They also seem to cause severely stiff neck and shoulders. I work for a neurologist, who referred me to another neurologist in town for my cluster headaches and migraines. I’m now on Topomax as a preventative and Relpax as a pallative. I’ve been on the Topomax for about a month and the headaches and migraines have gone from a daily occurance to about 2-3 times a week. According to my neurologist there should still be a great deal of improvement. Not being in constant pain is a huge relief.


I don’t have them, but I have a friend who has them and she’s going to a headache clinic. I think many people find relief by going to these places, since they specialize in this sort of thing. You may want to look into it. Good luck. That’s gotta suck.