Anyone get married on a major holiday?

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Who out there has gotten married on a major holiday? Was attendance the same as weddings on regular days? Did getting married on a holiday cause any problem with officiants/caterers/etc.? And would you advise others to marry on a holiday?

No, but I did get married on a very minor public holiday - Foundation day (Western Australia). Everyone we invited came (though we didn’t invite many). I can’t imagine anyone caring that it was a public holiday - particularly because, as the day fell on the weekend, we didn’t get the day off until Monday.

I have a friend who was married on Easter Sunday and by all accounts it did not have any consequence on the number of attendees. But then again, she is a Muslim and so are most of the people in her (and her now husband’s) circles. I don’t believe it caused any problems with caterers, etc. because it was done through certain Islamic associations within the community.

She does love telling people she was married on Easter though!

We got married the day after Christmas, and I’d say there were definitely a few folks we’d have liked to be able to attend who couldn’t make it. But it’s hard to say how much of that was the date vs. the fact that it was an out-of-town wedding. Likely a combination of the two.

Yup, just not an American holiday. July 14, 1990–Bastille Day.

So no problem with attendance, but it was amusing that almost all the music we picked is by French composers.

And yes, we’ve heard all the jokes you can imagine.

April Fools Day. Yeah, it’s not exactly a major holiday.

Not an official holiday, but I got married in downtown Austin on the morning of the Texas-Nebraska football game.

The logistics were FAR tougher than if we’d gotten married on Christmas or Thanksgiving, believe me. YOU try getting through an ocean of Husker fans!!!

In the middle of our reception, one of the bridesmaids went into the bathroom in her gown, and came out in burnt orange, ready to go to the stadium!

I prefer to think that one day my wedding day will become a major holiday.

I got married on Super Bowl Sunday. We wanted to get married as soon as possible because planning the thing with my in-laws was driving us nuts the longer it dragged out. So when we saw that the hotel had an opening in January we jumped on it. It never occurred to us why that was the only unbooked day for months. We only realized what we’d done after the invitations were sent out and my football-fan sister RSVPed. She did come, grudgingly. :slight_smile:

I guess Labor Day is kind of a major holiday since it’s a three day weekend. Actually worked out well for us and our guests. Unlike Memorial Day or July 4, people generally don’t do shit on Labor Day weekend (except maybe get ready for back to school). And it’s not a huge travel holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas (unless you are celebrating your last weekend at your Jersey Shore, Hamptons, and/or Fire Island house).

So much senseless carnage. Let us never forget:(

My parents got married on New Year’s Eve, and I’m pretty sure it was because there was already going to be a party at the VFW and all their friends would be there anyway. Free reception!

We got married on the fourth of July–Independence Day here in the US. It is a national holiday, and almost everyone gets off of work for it. That particular year it was on a Friday, so everyone had a long weekend.

Our wedding, however, was small and low-key. A friend performed the service. Two friends-of-friends, who we hired for the day, managed the buffet. My husband’s best friend brought speakers and cued up my iPod for the dance music. I did my own hair and makeup. Another friend, a professional photographer, took pictures.

The only outside person who had anything to do with the wedding on the day was the woman who delivered the wedding cake early in the morning. She had three others to deliver that day, too, so she obviously didn’t mind.

My former step-brother and step-sister got married on Christmas Day, just to be obnoxious, I think.

Was that 1975?

Does Valentine’s Day count?

I got married on Chinese New Year in Japan to a Shanghaiese woman. Since it was in Japan, which doesn’t celebrate Lunar New Year, there was no issue going to the ward office and doing the paperwork.

We celebrate our anniversary according to the lunar calendar

How about St. Patrick’s Day?

A relative of mine got married on New Year’s Eve. But not just any New Year’s Eve; it was December 31, 1999.

Valentines Day, 1991. It was the first day I could legally get married after my divorce finalized, and the chit mrAru ran for permission was all signed off upon. He was day after duty and they sprung him right after the morning assortment of crap was finished, we got the license, the bloodwork and sorted out the local Justice of the Peace. Some $75 or $100 later, and a trip down to base to get my ID and paperwork sorted out and that was it.

As opposed to my brothers $30 000 extravaganza that lasted less than a year … I will go for the elopement option =)

Well, we got married on Ms. DrumBum’s birthday and there have been times that our anniversary, her birthday, and Memorial day fall on the same day.

Probably another thread but that is a similar to the route we took. A friend of a friend’s mother was the executive assistant to the mayor of Miami, and for a donation to the mayor’s favorite charity he agreed to marry us. We went to city hall and met him in his office where he and two other witnesses performed the ceremony. The mayor’s assistant walked us over to the hall of records where she got the marriage certificate issued - without waiting in line - and sent us on our way. Total cost for the wedding ceremony was $100 and here we are, 24 years later. :smiley:

We don’t have a license so we’re not officially married but we did have a small ceremony on 4 July 2010, having lived together since November 1999.

We’d be considered as married in common law if our state recognized such a thing.