Anyone get their invitation to live audition for Jeopardy yet?

I took the online test about two months ago, didn’t think I did that great. Tonight I got an email inviting me to live audition somewhere around Philadelphia in June. Of course, I RSVPed back in the positive!

Anyone else who took the last online test get their invite yet?

I got my invitation in March, and I auditioned in Dallas last Monday. Now there’s nothing to do but wait for The Call.

My audition is in Orlando a week from this Friday. There is a FloriDopefest the following day in town, so I’ll likely spend the night there.

Good luck to you both! Hope to meet you in Hollywood :wink:

Nope, haven’t had an email. My wife DID get a live tryout from the previous online test, but her window to be on the show is almost over.


Outstanding! Good luck! Did you get my email?

Sorry to zombify this, but I just found it looking for contestant advice.

I’m trying out in New York on Thursday!

Congratulations! Mine’s on Thursday, too, in Philly! We went suit shopping this weekend so I wouldn’t look like a slob… :slight_smile:

Good luck! Remember to take the label off your cuff… :wink:

Bringing back the dead yet again…

I just got notified that I get to audition in Seattle on September 30. I took the online test a few months ago – whenever the big thread about the online test was active here.

I have to admit I’m completely gobsmacked – I didn’t think I’d possibly get an actual audition.

We Dopers kick ass… it’s to be expected. I think most of us now have the fingers crossed now waiting for the call-up from the bullpen. Good luck!

Yep. Still waiting and hoping here.