Anyone going to watch Man vs. Beast?


This show looks right up my Alley!

I can’t wait to see the 50 midgets vs. the Elephant!!!

God bless Fox!!! ::sniff::

Only on Fox.
But what do the animals get if they win?

They get to eat the midgets.

Personally, I’m holding out for:

“Rabid Bear Baiting, Live from The Las Vegas Strip!”
Hosted By OJ Simpson.

FOX could have it ready in time for May Sweeps.

Someone needs to come up with a formula, kind of like Moore’s Law, predicting how long it will be until the actual shows on Fox are worse than the parodies of outrageous Fox shows.

I’d say the current Fox shows (“50 midgest versus an Elephant”) are easily worse than the parodies of Fox shows (“Road Kill: Caught on Tape”) from 5 or 6 years ago.

Fox occasionally has some good shows, but they quickly whore them out-check that 70’s show, which has been on for what? 3 years? And it’s already syndicated to another channel. Also Fox tried to cash in on that success by creating that 80’s show, which promptly bombed.

There’s some weird programmers at Fox…

Quick syndication is the norm these days.

I love the ads saying “Man vs. Animal” is a new concept. Yeah, if this is the 16th century.

I’ll watch it only if I somehow become immortal between now and when it’s on. Otherwise, I can’t see spending the time.

It’s been done – I think in Discover magazine some years ago. (No cite, sorry, I don’t remember which issue.)

Beast defeated Man in every competition.
Long jump – flea (scaled up)
Weight lifting – ant (scaled up)
Boxing – kangaroo, I think
Track / 400m – cheetah
Swimming – dolphins

And so on. In fact, there was only one place where Man outdid Beast: Man competed in every event. No Beast qualified for more than one event.

(Plus, only Man invented brewing, so only Man could knock back a few after the competition ended. :slight_smile: )

Legomancer, how do you know that you aren’t immortal now? Immortality doesn’t mean that you are unaging. Not that I am advocating that you waste your life watching this tripe.

Elephants vs. little people.

This is intended for the kind of people who invite others in to examine their droppings before they flush.

Did anyone notice that they interviewed the animals that are competing? It’s all there on the website. Dear lord.

:eek: Oh my!

The only way man could win, is if he cheated-which he should because that would show off his “brain” and the evolutionary advantage we have.:smiley:

A radio station in my area interviewed the producer of this show this morning. He began with a compliment of the station’s music (heavily mainstream “alternative” rock) that went something like: “I like your programming; you’re not sell-outs who play the newest flash in the pan over and over.”

I nearly had to pull over from laughing. I’ve had my weekly supply of irony, I think.