Anyone got any experience with femal fat admirer / big handsome man scene?

This looks like a dream come true to me!

Here’s a sample forum I just found: but I can’t vouch for it and haven’t signed up yet, I’m going to be doing some turbo lurking first. But if this is more than a handful of women, this is perfect - no need to bother losing weight!

Would you like the champagne sent to your room, Mr. Arbuckle?

Fat chick checking in!

The FFA movement is a subculture/fetish all its own. By using one of those dating websites, there’s a risk of ending up with someone who *only *likes you because of your size, who may want to make you fatter (and unhealthier), and who would leave you if you lost weight. Not that that’s any different from people who leave their thin partners after they *gain *too much weight, but it reflects a level of shallowness and physical objectification that many people aren’t comfortable with.

Lots of fat-admirers are “feeders” who take sexual pleasure in fattening up their loved one by overstuffing them with food. Which, if you’re *into *all that, more power to you. But if you’re not, it’s good to know before you get involved in that particular subculture.

Of course, there are people who just legitimately enjoy being with a larger partner. I think it’s great that there are dating sites that cater to this niche. But I’ve never been inclined to join one of them… I wouldn’t *ever *want to date a guy who wanted to make me fatter, and there are just way too many feeders out there. Analogically, I guess the way I feel about this is kinda how a disabled person worries about being fetishized, merely because they have a disability. I’d rather be single than with someone who’s only with me because I’m fat.

Plus, one time in WoW, a closeted fat-admiring guildmate of mine found my picture and *immediately *started e-stalking me. He would send me messages about how he wanted to roll my skin between his fingers and shit. {vomit smiley} That left a really bad taste in my mouth about the whole FFA movement. I wouldn’t negatively judge someone who did get involved, but it’s just not my scene.