Anyone got hookups in Chicago?

So, lesson 1 while travelling and planning to stay in a hostel, reserve early. UGH. I kept putting it off and putting it off because I always wanted just a bit more money in the bank account. Now, I’m coming down to crunch time and I try to reserve with the hostel only to discover that they’re already booked for the weekend I’ll be there.

I’m not asking to couch surf, but if anyone happens to work at a motel or cheap hotel, I’d love to see if I can use the SDMB hookup…

– IG

Alright so maybe I panicked a little initially. I mean, I may have posted similar notes on three forums I frequent… I may have twittered furiously a note to close friends… I may have texted my girlfriend… but I just found a room at the Arlington House International Hostel.


– IG