Anyone have an Ipod Touch to sell? (I'm quite clueless.)

My wife and I don’t have a ton of money, but we kind of want to go in together and get an Ipod touch for Christmas this year. Realize, we’ve never had a smart phone of any kind or any fancy technology at all, so this is basically a big deal for us. I know it isn’t a phone; I’m just trying to explain how far behind we are.

I’ve never owned even a basic Ipod, the ones with the wheels.

I see there are different generations of them. I think a 3rd generation one would be pretty good, right? I mean, it would do most of what a 4th generation would do?

Is $75 or less reasonable? We don’t care how much storage space it has. The smallest would be fine, though more is OK too.

Anyway, PM me or let me know in thread if you are looking to get rid of one. Maybe some of you got an Iphone recently and are looking to get rid of your Ipod touch.


We have 3rd generation models (I think; we bought them 18 months ago); the model after ours came out has a camera, while ours do not. As we still use them, ours aren’t for sale however ;).

I just did a check on eBay to see what the 3rd generation models are going for and the 8 gb models look like they’re starting at 80-something for current auctions. There’s a cheaper one that says “for parts” and “as is”.

You’ll definitely enjoy whatever you get, there are lots of fun games and useful apps. Budget a few dollars to buy apps afterward, while there are plenty of free ones, there are some you’ll want to pony up the dollar or two for. Very few cost more than that; I spent maybe 10 dollars on 1Password, and am considering spending 15ish for QuickOffice or Docs To Go (which would work both on my husband’s iPhone and my iTouch). Most of the apps you’d want should be fine on the 8 gig; we got the 64 gig because we wanted to have all our music :slight_smile: (plus a lot of audiobooks, ebooks and podcasts).

Might be worth starting an IMHO thread to get ideas on what you might want to use it for, to decide if 8 gig is enough or if you should try to find enough money to get a larger-capacity one.

I don’t care about the camera, so that is no biggie. Do you mean that the 4th gen ones have a camera? Or do later 3rd gen ones?

$80 would be just fine. I think we can afford it and it seems fairly reasonable. :slight_smile:

4th generation is the earliest model that has a camera. I don’t know how good a camera it is, and it sounds like you don’t care about that anyway so a 3rd gen should do fine for you.

We do enjoy ours, and there are a number of tools / games for which I still use mine even though I now have a smartphone.

Thanks, hopefully I can find a decent one at a decent price. Do these things have to be “locked” or “unlocked” or registered with Apple in anyway? I thought I heard about that kind of thing with Apple. Does it affect used ones?

Nope. You can register it, and the person selling it to you should do a complete reset to factory condition (i.e. wiping anything that doesn’t come with it out of the box, like all their own music and their own apps and their own personal address book etc.), but there’s no unlocking needed.

I know you can jailbreak an iphone, and I think you can jailbreak an iPod Touch but I never felt the need. I think this is so you can add software acquired from other sources, but I’m no expert.

Good luck in your hunt. They are fun little gadgets and very useful also.

You don’t need to “jailbreak” an iPod Touch, since it uses wireless internet, not cell phone signals. I have a 3rd gen 64 gig that doesn’t have a camera. Sorry, not for sale, even though I got an iPhone 4 32 gig a few months back. :slight_smile:

Definitely pony up the 99 cents for “Angry Birds”.

They’re Best Buy’s online outlet store. Have a look around there, I bought my friend an iPod Touch (3rd gen) there for a good price ($75), and she’s very happy with it.

I have it on the PC already, actually.